stomach pains


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I've had awful stomach pains today, like hunger pains.

so this got me thinking could it really be hunger pains? I've changed 3 things very recently 1st started drinking lots of peppermint tea, 2nd had a bar yesterday and today and 3rd got some of that fibre stuff from my cdc yesterday. Could one of those things be causing me to get pains?
If the bars are the peanut or cranberry they have a lot of fibre in them which can give you tummy "gripes"

oh yes i had one of each in the past 2 days. those plus the fibre stuff together probably not a good mix when my body isnt used to it eh? Thanks for that
There is a lot of fibre in them there new bars!

They did that to me at the start and also gave me wind:eek:

But, I got over it and it is fine now when I ate them, but I make sure to drink a good bit of water along with them as I do feel this helps.

Love Mini xxx
thanks everyone at least I know what it'll be off now. It just felt weird to feel like I was suddenly getting hungr pains
Yes- I got a slightly pain-y stomach when I started having bars- though it was also totm so was hard to sort out which was which. It did feel more like though when I had bad indigestion once. It wasn't as sharp a pain, but was in the same area, so I concluded my stomach must be a bit perturbed about having something to digest after not doing for a while.
Aha perhaps that's why I have had stomach crampy pains today, I thought I was coming down with flu or stomach bug or something. I had a peanut bar last night so perhaps that has upset my stomach.