Stomach symtoms and VCLDs


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Hi - thought these might be of interest

Can I get cramps while on the diet?
Cramp which occurs in some people while dieting, is almost certainly caused by changes in electrolyte (salts) levels in blood and muscle. It may be relieved by ensuring that you drink the right amount of water or by raising your dietary energy intake level for a day or two (go up a step). If the cramp persists or if you’ve had cramps before see your doctor.

I experience heartburn?
It may be helpful to take six mini meals (by splitting packs) per day instead of the three regular meals.

I feel nausea while on the diet?
Some people have more sensitive stomachs than others and such individuals may sometimes develop nausea when they first start a very low calorie diet. Often a full glass of water following your shake will eliminate this problem. Another solution is to break the shakes down into six per day, and follow each meal with a glass of water to dilute the effect of the minerals.

I have started to get diarrhoea while on VCLD why?
This is a minor problem and is considered a possible transient effect that will last for only a short time. Some people have systems that are not used to the mineral content in meal replacement diets. It is a good idea to drink an extra glass of water with the shakes, which will dilute the effect of the minerals in the body. A solution to the diarrhoea is to take the shakes in half portions during the day (6 half sachets – by dividing the sachets into 2) initially to slow the mineral intake. Another possible cause of continued diarrhoea is lactose intolerance. Some people cannot digest the lactose in milk products, and diarrhoea can occur.
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