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  1. silencemylips

    silencemylips Silver Member

    Goal Weight:
    Slimming World
    Count down to Uni
    11 weeks & 3 - 4 stone

    20yr old, female, on a gap year to lose weight, not to go travelling.

    For the past month I've found it really hard to stick to The Cambridge diet. I was repulsed by the food packs, tetras & bars. I couldn't be bothered to mix my food packs with ice & would rather make a sandwich.
    I'd be good during the week but plummet on the weekends, thinking it might be ok, eventhough I knew deep down I knew it wasn't. I'd lose around 2lbs during the week & put it all back on during the weekend & then lose it again the next week. I wasn't going anywhere & got sick of fluctuating my weight by a couple of pounds.
    I have no idea why I was doing this to myself. I suppose I just lost interest & food seemed to be amazing all over again. Plus my boyfriend was always giving me compliments as I was 2stone down from what I started at.
    I started at 14.11, by now I should be at least a stone lighter than I am. But I had such a physical & mental restraint & couldn't stick to the diet 100%.
    So here we start again. This time I'm not going to screw this up.

    Week starting 03/07/08 - 11 weeks to go!

    Eleven weeks till I start uni & I sure as hell don't want to go there looking like this. All I can think about are all those union nights dressed up in togas, beach wear & all sorts. How could I cover myself up for a beach party? Could I wear a long sleeved top under the toga to keep my bare arms out of sight? I might as well wear an a-board with 'self conscious fatty' written all over it. That is why I'm trying to get down to 9.5 stone or 9 stone, which ever I feel happiest at.

    Before explaining my week, I really want to say thank you to xSineadx. She's amazing & if I ever feel a pang of a craving I'm right on that phone texting so I know she knows about it. & if I cave I'll just feel worse because someone else would know my failure. She's fab & is doing so well on Cambridge, I wanted to join her with that & start doing well myself.

    I'm blending my shakes with lots of ice again in the morning & it's keeping me right up until lunch at 1.30. I'll mix a hot chocolate up or a chilled shake at work in my Starbucks mug ( I don't still work there, god if I did, this diet would be even more of a struggle!) & whisk it using one of those tiny whisks you get in a christmas hot chocolate set. I'll sit there whilst everyone munches on the sandwiches, crisps & yogurts. I'm not even bothered, I know the food looks good but it sure as hell probably doesn't taste as good as it looks. As I learnt when I'd previously cheated. I'll then go home have a small bit of protein & salad, then later a shake.

    I woke up this morning on my day off, as usual I jumped right on those scales & squeeled with delight. 5lbs lighter! CHRIST. I finally feel the amazement of the diet working again. I will never stray again!

    I checked the Orange jelly I'd made the night before & added a chocolate mouse to the top of it. Leaving it to sit in my fridge setting is killing me, I cannot wait to scran this!

    I'm giving myself a target of 7-8lbs to lose this week & I'll post my weigh in loss!
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  3. Jellybabie

    Jellybabie Full Member

    good luck and stay determined girl! You CAN do it!

    Diane xx
  4. silencemylips

    silencemylips Silver Member

    Goal Weight:
    Slimming World
    Thanks hun! I'm finally looking forward to my shakes & can't be fussed with food so motivation is at it's highest! :D
  5. Time Lady

    Time Lady Full Member

    :party0011: Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss so far. Good luck with reaching your first weeks goals. With your new found determination I am sure you will succeed and feel brilliant for uni. Keep it up. :)
  6. xSineadx

    xSineadx going to do it this time!

    Cambridge!! x
    you CAN do this vicky!!
    we're gunna do it together :):) && your doing amazingly so far!! xxxx
  7. silencemylips

    silencemylips Silver Member

    Goal Weight:
    Slimming World
    We will defo do this together! I'm so excited to be skinny! hehe
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