I will do this!
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Hi guys, quick question. I've had a really sore throat all day and can't shift it. So can we take anything like this to soothe our throat? Been so scared of getting sick on this diet as no idea what I can take! Have done paracetamol and no effect :( if we can't I will get through it, but just wondered.

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strepsils aren't good as they're full of sugar. I took beechams capsules and they worked for me. It all depends though. It's a fine line between taking something you're not recommended to and getting better or seeing it through and maybe not getting better as quickly.
Make sure you drink plenty of fluids too.
I didn't get ill at all on abstinence so hopefully whatever happens you won't feel too rough for long.
Get well soon!


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There are sugar-free Strepsils on the market :) I don't know how much they would clash with the whole ketosis thing, but I do know that calorifically they're very low (5-10 cal each).

However - your LLC would probably suggest some throat washes (the ones you gargle) or throat sprays! So things you don't actually ingest. They work because they will disinfect your throat from the infection hopefully - much better than lozenges, some of which (like Lockets/Halls for example) actually have NO MEDICINE in them what so ever?? Just caffeine and sugar and other rubbish. Ha.


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aspirin as scot above says - def works for me too
daisy x


I will do this!
S: 14st9lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 1st2lb(7.8%)
thsnks guys, manged to struggle through, feeling a bit better now


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Glad you are feeling better Gem, you could also try gargling with saltwater, that helps, but check with LLC there are as Min said definately gargles that you could use, and some numbing throat sprays with local anaesthetic.

Chin up chicken :)