stress stress stress stress arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggg

Help !!!! I am seriously close to getting the biscuit tin out ... talk me down please ......

having a totally w**k week , 1st my hubbys old work have refused to pay his last lot of work expenses of £800 .. so we have just had to pay them onto his business credit card before the debt collectors came knocking ... which I am obviously fuming about .. it has taken us 4 years but we had finally crawled our way out of our £1000 overdraft and were in the black for the first time ever .. now its all gone again with nothing to show for it and no hope of ever getting the money we are owed ...... and the car is due its 1st MOT next week , and yesterday my hubbys car started acting up , and as he needs it for work it wil have to be sorted and looks like it may be expensive .. and NOW ....... I started a new job on 4th jan .. my last pay day from my old job was before christmas .. and today should have been my 1st pay day from new job .. and guess what ... I havent been paid !!! and the person I need to talk to is not in till monday :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

bum bum bum b:cry:um
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bum bum bum what a bi&ch of a situ

Stay away from the biccies,(although let me know if you cave and I'll pop round and help you polish them up )

You're soooooooooooooooo close!!!x

sarah-louise x

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aw katie!! big hugs hunnie x uv come so far, dont give in now cos u know it will make u feel even worse!! uv all these things going on and are unable to do anything about them but u know biccies are not the answer....even with cheles help !!!! lol stay strong hun, u can do this, u r doing this!!! x


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katie, dont do it. its not worth it hun.
u could go and get the biscuits, sit and eat them and then have to face the guilt that follows, not to mention the bloating and feeling sick and then to top it off u will still have the original problems ur having.
eating will NOT help any of the problems ur having, it will only add to them.
stay strong. u can get through this!!!

great things

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right just think logical. short term problem.

£800 owed. have you any proof? did you have to hand it in? what can you do? contact the pay dept and ask for all the info/proof back and then sue the burgers.

MOT, pray that there's nothing wrong and it's around £40. c

hubby's car have you any ideas what could be the problem? do you know any local garage that has a good rep and is reasonably chap?

your pay - that will be sorted on monday hopefully.

it's not too bad but could certainly be better. you don't need the biscuits as that would make a bad situation worse.


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I agree with Nikki

Sit down and write a plan of action for what is needed e.g. ring ACAS for advice on the expenses thing ...Acas - Home

Today is a crap day but that doesn't mean everything is crap. Yes it's frustrating that a few things have all come at once but that doesn't mean you can't get on top of it. You are letting it overwhelm you and you can control that (even if you can't control the actual things themselves).

Mrs Taurus

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Biccies won't help hun, get a strong cup of coffee and sit down and write that plan of have come too far to let the emotional eater in you win! Hope I don't sound patronising, but we are all so happy for you that you got your healthy weight, and so grateful for all your excellent advice and kind words that we do not want you to end up feeling cr** about yourself, you don't deserve it.

Bye bye biccies,hello healthy weight x


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Agreed with all of the ladies here - but perhaps also go for a brisk walk and listen to some chilled out tunes to calm you down? Will be ok:) Think how good you are going to feel if you don;t have that biscuit! You can totally do it....Big loves!