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Struggling and frustrated

I don't suppose there's any real answer as such to this conundrum I find myself in, but I just need to vent.

When I first started seriously to try and loose weight last August I did relatively well and lost 16 pounds. Then I hit a plateau and then we had some family events, then xmas came along...I put everything back on.

It wasn't until about a month now that I realised that I really did have to start trying again. I was weighed then as 332 pounds at the doctors, then two weeks later after being proud as punch at sticking pretty well (though admitedly not perfectly) to my healthy eating regime, I was weighed at my dietician's and was the exact same weight.

The problem is my own scales at home only weigh up to about 330 pounds (sometimes if they're feeling generous they will go a little higher, if they're feeling tempremental it's lower) and so through this past month I've not been able to get a reading.

I don't know what's happening, whether I'm not loosing or whether I am just very small ammounts. I've no way of checking it. I'm sure that eventually I'll see results, but after a month of watching what I eat and counting my calories, it's pretty demoralizing not to see any progress at all.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone can give me any clues as to what I can do to shake things up or keep my brain on track. What kept me going last time was seeing the progress each week, now I'm stumbling blindly through and sometimes I just feel like...what's the point?
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Hi Lith, Welcome to the forum.
Good that you are trying to do something about losing the weight. I am presuming that buying another scales is not in the offing, hey? What about weighing at a chemists? Most of them have a little room for consultations where you would be able to weigh yourself without feeling conspicuous.
As far as the possibility of having any loss - if you have been dilligent in counting the calories properly and sticking to the alotted amount I really don't see why you shouldn't see a good result.
Now you have gotten this far DO start up your own diary so that we can see your progress and give you the support...
All the very best to you...:)


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Good luck Lith. You will find a diet that suits you and taking your measurements help too. Alot of people find they might not be losing lbs, but they are losing inches. The body is a very strange and wonderful thing:)

And agree...a diary is a good idea!:)


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Hello Lith,

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so disheartened. Everyone else has offered pretty sound advice and I agree with the taking measurements to try and track how you are doing. I don't advise taking your measurements every week - maybe every 2 weeks? Your body will still be getting used to the new healthier food intake etc.

The main thing is you want to lose the weight. A lot of it is down to willpower but we all have that strength. We just need to find it in ourselves.

Good luck on your journey.

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