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Struggling (**Food Talk**)

The last two days have been sooooo bad. I managed to keep to the programme for three full days and even went to a friends house and didnt succumb but when I got to my brothers house I had a piece of chicken and vegetables. Okay so by this time I thought SS+ for the day but then finished it off with a slice of chocolate birthday cake and ice cream :cry::cry: why oh why. Then yesterday all went fine and then received some great news that we have a wedding in the family in July, a brilliant goal to work towards. So I decided to start again this morning and got off to a good start with a milkshake. But this evening, I have had a handful of peanuts and crisps - WHY OH WHY!!!! Somebody please knock my brain into place!
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Yep as above..forget today...we all blip occasionally (some more extreme than others lol) but we ALL (99.9999999999%) of us....you AINT alone!

Doesnt mean your diet is over ;) Its just a wrong turn in the road......reverse out and start again xxxxxx
Yes Preeti, I have blipped this time and kept it quiet - now I am admitting it! But I still managed to lose. You need to drink some water, draw that line and stick to CD 100% now, and all will be fine x


running strictly on fat!
Today I must have been a queen of all blips!!!Haha
But hey ho, tomorrow is a new day and I will be behaving (for at least another few days!!! - me thinks...)
Don't worry Preeti its not the end of the day, you just need to think of July now, and visualise yourself in your goal size dress :)
Tomorrow is a new day, sure you'll still lose this week xx


Slimming down the aisle
The first 3 days are the hardest, but it does get easier once you're through those. Don't beat yourself up about it, just get back on the wagon.

I like the way MrsE described a blip, it was a good one! If you do take a wrong turn, you don't get all stressed and go right back to the beginning, or you just stay where you are, like she said, you reverse out and carry on from there. It's a good way to think of it, I will from now on.


Still fighting
Hey Preeti

Same advice as above - I've succomed to the voices in my head on a couple of occasions but didn't let it get sooo out of control and got straight back to afterwards! You can do this and think of your fab outfit for the wedding :D x
All good advice above... noting some for myself...

99.999999% indeed :)

Congrats on the wedding in the family, a great event to work towards...


Hayley 22

would like to be slim
We all blip once in a while apart from one lady i know and i dont know how on earth she managed through christmas and new year, she is one in a million.

Ive had two blips in two weeks so your not alone, you do literally have to wake up with a fresh head and go at it again, the mroe water you drink the less you want to eat. I cant bear the thought of food right now, i just need the loo constantly. Only downside to this diet.

Honestly hun keep your chin up :)
Hey ladies
Yes this morning is truly a new start and other than a Choc Mint shake and a litre of water, nothing else has passed my lips! Plus I have found the outfit that I wouuld loooooooove to wear the wedding reception. Its an indian wedding, so it would have to be an indian outfit! :) What to you think?

SLSWE13 : Black Brasso Saree with Blouse


Slimming down the aisle
You'd be extremely brave wearing it, I don't think I could!


running strictly on fat!
As above...LOL

Forgive my ignorance but are you not suppoose to have a very colourful outfit. I have been invitied to several indian weddings and always opted for bright beautiful colours x
Indian weddings always have loads of functions - so will need a number of outfits :)


running strictly on fat!
Oh yes, obviously LOL xxx
wow got to say that while I'd never have the nerve to wear it that outfit is stunning.

I'm keeping an eye on wedding wear at the moment as my son is getting married on November 6th (provisional date as going to see priest and wedding venue this weekend). I'm hoping to be at around 10st by then as I'm taking a month off the diet in July/August while I calorie count around America.


She's me in a few months
Gorgeous outfit, wish I had the figure for it! :D

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Its gorgeous but there is no way i personally would wear it to an indian wedding (no confidence), i have been to one and they were all wearing colourful outfits. Thankfully my friend, whose mum is asian helped with my outfit :D
I picked the material and bought it and she made it for me.
The link below shows the outfit i wore, i had mine amended slightly though.


I'd love to wear an outfit like that though! Go for it girl!

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