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Red Day Struggling for Red Day Ideas


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Your not being thick or stupid at all. I struggled with red days the last time i did SW so now im rejoining, im sticking to Extra Easy days. The only thing i can think of that may be a quick tip, red tends to be meat based whereas green has limited meat.

Have you tried reading one of the food diaries? Some folk on there do red regularly and they can maybe give you inspiration.

Good luck


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I do mainly red days, so have a look at my diary for some ideas;)
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Swede and carrot mash, chicken breast and green veg that is a normal evening meal for us......
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bacon and tuna quiche is gorgeous for a red day.. i was a bit put off at first of the combo of tuna and bacon but it really works.. so nice and really filling.
or you could make mini cheese and onion and bacon quiches they are nice...
or how about making some home made soup with free veg and then having a cheese and ham toastie with it or somthing.. you dont have to stick to salad !!


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do you mean lunchtime? if so I do mainly red and have ie

rivita and philly light (HEXB and HEXA) I just have a boiled egg and a handful of grapes or something with it

or seafood sticks

mixed salad but with a HEXA of chopped up cheddar, chopped cooked bacon and chicken

Bacon Lettuce tomatoe sandwich even nice cold

Today I am being lazy and made an extra corned beef pasty yesterday so I am having that for lunch with fruit. Recipe is in the recipe section and its 1 HEXB plus one syn and they are delicious

sw quiche - 1 tub no syn cottage cheese, 3 eggs, bacon, onion, salt, pepper, sliced tomato (I love this warm or cold.
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Just tried the link again but it says nothing found. Any ideas?
Links for searches only last for a short period. Click on the "Search this Forum" button at the top of the page, below where your screen name appears. Then choose advanced search. Then under the search options - "Find thread with prefex" select "red day".
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I like red days at weekend.
Bfast - Huge fry up (bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toms)
Lunch - Ham salad or bowl garlic prawns etc
Tea - Big bowl Chicken curry (fry onions in curry powder & garlic, add chicken till brown, then add mushrooms, peppers, greenbeans 7 2 tins chopped toms)

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