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Struggling to drink 4pints of water !!!

Hi guys i'm really struggling to drink 4pints of water in fact i'm probably only managing 2pints despite havin water by my side from the start 2 the finish of the day :( i feel so dehydrated and wake up every morning with a sore itchy throat and keep coughin from it being so dry at night time !!

Does anyone know how 2 make myself drink more ???? xx
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Do you prefer fizzy water? I don't think there's an easy way round it, but it is really essential that you do drink 4 pints (and that's a minimum really) to flush out all the toxins and fat. You could try to make your shakes/soup thinner - that would increase your liquid intake.

I'm sure with a bit of perseverence it will become normal to you to drink lots of water. Like other aspects of this diet you have to get your head in the right place. Good luck with it Sazzles.

Just drink bits at a time rather than trying to drink alot all in one go, you will see a big difference in your weight loss if you get the water down hun
Thanks guys, i have been puttin some extra water in my shakes and loads of ice too which i'll munch on if its not melted lol, already almost done a pint of water this morning where im so dry :/ i've never been one 4 the intake of water or any liquid unless it alcohol on a nite out haha i'm tryin 2 think i bottle is about a pint so if i can do one by lunch then another by tea etc etc it mite help :S xx


Size 14 here i come!
My top tip- get a 1ltr sports bottle of water, buxton 36p at tesco at the min. Have it by your side at all times i am over half way through my 2nd one today and then anything i drink on top is a bonus! I struggled too before i found this bottle, hth


Size 14 here i come!
Hi Sazzles, What I do is fill a 2ltr bottle with filtered water every day and then I just work my way through it. Any tea or coffee is extra as far as I'm concerned so I down at least three litres a day. It does get easier as your body adjusts to the higher intake.

Just make sure you know where the nearest loo is at all times. (LOL) You'll definitely think it's worth it when the weight starts to disappear though.

Best of luck we're all behind you here.

Cheers. Pat
i do have a 2ltr bottle but was strugglin with that but have a little bottle and already done 3of them and started on 4th :D also puttin extra water in shakes and lots and lots of ice cubes, however tasty or not im lookin 4ward 2 my 1st weigh in friday and gettin some soups haha xx
I use a sports cap bottle too!! never one for drinking water before LT but aim for 3 1L bottles a day. i get up with kids at half seven ish i try to drink one bottle before 11 am to 12 then have my first shake then another bottle between this time and about 3-4 pm then have my second shake and yes you guessed it another bottle between this and about 7-8pm before my last shake. I'm also managing a couple of green teas during the day just for the warmth. Never would have thought i'd drink all this water but I am and when I haven't drunk enough i feel it???? get the water down ya its key and you'll get used to it in good luck for your first weigh in xx:)
i'm strugglin 2 even stomach my shakes at the moment !! i just dont fancy them their so depressin !!!still drinkin water tho and will evntually have shake !! havent tried green tea but i mite attempt that as black coffee not great and tea was awful haha xx


Size 14 here i come!
Hi Sazzles, What I do is fill a 2ltr bottle with filtered water every day and then I just work my way through it.
Some days though that 2 ltr bottle looks like you have a mountain to climb! The 1ltr bottle doesn't look like it can hold 1ltr so it kinda tricks your mind into not thinking about how much you are drinking, weird i know but it really does work.:)
I used to struggle drinking 2 litres of water but, the cap bottles that you can squirt in your mouth are my saviour! I have a 1L bottle with me at all times and just keep sipping from it, it's a lot easier than trying to drink a glassfull at a time. Good luck.

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