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Struggling to eat points today?


Gonna be skinny!
So, I've eaten 14 of my 19 points today.
Cornflakes and sugar - 3
Milk - 1
Salad, tuna, dressing, - 2.5
pink and white - .5
sainsburys smoked salmon and veg - 5
Skinny cow smoothie - 1
Chicken slices - 1

BUT I just cant get my head around eating more - I feel I have eaten enough and I just dont understand how I can lose weight eating any more! ARGH!
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If you are genuinely not hungry right now then you could always just have one more point's worth of food and then save the rest of your points from today for another day when your appetite is better.

If you are not eating because you think you are not going to lose weight if you eat all your points then you are storing up metabolism problems for yourself.

I'm on 23 points a day and losing weight on that so don't worry. You could have a nice big banana for 2 points chopped up on your cereals in the morning and that would both put some fruit in your diet and also up your points a little?


Gonna be skinny!
Yer, last week I was struggling to be satisfied on points and now I am struggling to eat them so maybe I should save them for a mars bar or something tomorrow? He he - no, not avoiding eating them I just think, I am full, how can eating on top of being full help me lose? IFKWIM? x
Yeah I would do that then. You can have a lovely, guilt-free mars bar tomorrow or whenever.

I'm getting into the habit of this - I'll have more points one day and less the next and it makes it easier to stick to for me.

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