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Cruise PP Struggling to stay on diet


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Hi everyone! I have been a lurker on this forum ever since I started Dukan in September and it has been such great inspiration and support for me. I finally registered today so that I can start my own thread because I am finding that, after two months on the diet, it is very difficult for me to stick to on the weekends and I am looking for some moral support/advice please.

Basically what I seem to have been doing for the past three weeks is binge eating every weekend. It's generally because we have a dinner party or an evening out and I just think 'aw - I'll just go off it tonight and start again tomorrow' - but then 'tomorrow' doesn't seem to be until Monday! So I am really only following the PP/PV strictly on weekdays and on the weekends I am bingeing! Although I have had a good weight loss on the diet so far and am really pleased with the results, I can't help but thinking that as I am no longer following the diet properly, that it won't (the next phases) won't actually work for me... ie, because I am bingeing on chocolate, bread, other carbs on the weekends, I am not slowly reintroducing carbs into my system. Does anyone know if this affects the rest of the diet/doesn't work/is really unhealthy... I feel like I need to hear something like that to persuade me not to do it anymore! It is so frustrating too because I am only a few pounds away from my 'True weight' (supposed to be 150 but I would like to get to 145) and because of the weekly binges I just keep hovering around the 155 mark. Does anyone have any insight/advice? Thanks very much... WM x
PS. Are we allowed to meet up with people from this site? If we are and anyone lives in Wimbledon and wants to meet up for mutual support once in a while I would be keen. If not, perhaps we're allowed diet buddies?!
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Dont live near Wimbledon but I'll always be a diet buddy x

Well done on doing it since September how much have you lost I started 4th nov lost 9lb up to now which isn't great but I had a blip last week which I'm now regretting x

My weigh in day is a Tuesday but might be changing to a wed soon x

And don't binge it's not worth it trust me


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I started in September too - been on diet now for 12weeks and have lost 15lbs - about halfway on the amount I need to lose.

I am finding I am currently doing mainly PV days because I strayed just once last week... I can't imagine the willpower it would need to get back on track every week...


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Hi weighme and welcome.

They say the first cheat is the hardest because after that it's too easy to cheat over and over again. I have managed 16 weeks on the diet without cheating on the food front but haven't managed to give up alcohol.

I'm a fellow Wimbledon resident by the way...


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One obvious thing to do is to avoid dinner parties and eating out until you reach conso; it's just a temporary commitment while you work on your weight.

But it sounds as if your trigger for binging may not just be the dinner parties, but the idea that the weekend is "time off/holiday" and the diet is "work".

Some people get around this by making sure that weekends are always PV days, so they feel more relaxed and varied.

How are you planning to deal with Christmas?