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Struggling with HEx's

Is it just me or does anyone else struggle with their HEx's?

I'm only into my 2nd week of EE and tend to keep it low carb so b/fast is usually fruit and nat yogurt (so not using HExB) and for HExA as I don't really have cereal or much tea/coffee it leaves me with cheese which I don't want to have too often.

I have considered using laughing cow triangles and ryvita/other crispbread as a snack but I just don't feel hungry enough to have them so often don't eat my full quota of HEx's

Does anyone else struggle with this on EE and will I jeapordise any good losses by not having them everyday?

Would be good to hear from you ladies who are much more experienced in SW than I am

Thank you!
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I was struggling then i tried weetabix for the first time and mmm i have my hex at breakfast and drink squash through the day
Have a good read of the lists of all the HEa's & b's in your book. They can be used on lots of things from olive oil for cooking to bread/pitta's for lunches or evening meals.

Alot of EE fans struggle with only having one of each & that's why they choose red/green days.

Personally I have only ever done red & green days so can't comment on my lack of HE's but reckon i'd use them no problem :D


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I had trouble keeping up with my HEX's, particularly the a's, as I'm not a huge fan of cheese and although I like milk, the cereal I used to love having as my b option was removed as a HEX.

So now, I mostly use my a's for semi skimmed milk in my tea, coffee and hot choc drinks.

I use my b's for bread, Ryvita fruit crunch, Alpen lights or hi-fi bars.

I still have the odd day when I forget to use my a option, but I'm making more of an effort to have it for health reasons. My weight losses have been okay up till now, so it hasn't harmed me in that sense, but the healthy extras are more for vitamins and nutrients I'm thinking (someone here can probably put it more eloquently, lol!) Hope that helps.


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Can't comment on Red/Green as I can't seem to get my thick skull around em but in EE.

The HExAs are for calcium and as I'm sure you know we ladies need tonnes of it so we don't end up with osteoporsis...

The HExBs are mostly fibrous stuff or for delicious cooked fruits! I usually use my B choice as weetabix (breakfast), Kelloggs Fibre Plus bar, HiFi bars (for treats with my coffee) or sometimes I'll make a crumbe using stewed apple as my HExB


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Why not have nuts or seeds for your H Ex B? You could sprinkle them on your fruit / yogurt or on a salad, or just have them as a snack.

If you don't want cheese (why? - is it because you're still thinking of it as a 'fat' or 'bad' food?) maybe use the milk in drinks (iced milky coffee / cocoa at bedtime).

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If you are having calcium elsewhere such as a supplement or simply plenty of fat free yoghurt / cottage cheese then I would not worry about the HexA. If not, I would contemplate your calcium needs and adjust your diet to suit - even drinking a glass of milk will help.

Similarly with the HexBs, they are there to provide fibre. If you feel you are getting enough fibre in your diet then don't worry about it. If not, do something about.

SW is about eating to live, and fuelling your body correctly so that it reaches and maintains a healthy weight.
If you are 'not hungry enough' to eat your Hexs, but think your body needs them (as SW does), incorporate them into your meals (olive oil etc as mentioned above) and eat them instead of some of the free food you are eating.

Simples ;)

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