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ProPoints Struggling with willpower. Starting Pro points :O)


I am new to this site and have always struggled to loose weight.
My name is melanie and I am 29 years old. I work as a retail manager. Since meeting my b/f 3 years ago I have gained about 3 stone through takeaways, cosy nights in and being a greedy piggy. I tried slimming world and couldnt get the optimising right and am now trying WWPP. My first goal is to get into some of my size 16 suits that I have, not too far off as I am an 18 now.
I have been doing the diet for 2 days. I am finding it hard because I always eat so much I feel very full and sleepy, eat lots of bread, potato and chocolate. I have been feeling hungry but this time I really want to do it.
I am not going to a group because I dont get time with work so I thought I would post on here for support and see how i get on!!!:eek:
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Todays Diary
Milk 1pt 5pp
2 x shredded wheat with some of daily milk allowance 4 pp
Apple and bananna 0pp
Cup of tea 2 sweetener milk from allowance

M&S count on us chicken tikka salad whole tub 9pp but only ate 1/2 as didnt like counted 7pp
bananna and nectarine 0pp
Cup of tea 2 sweetener milk from allowance 0pp
Glass sugar free squash opp

Quorn peppered steak 3pp
small jacket potato 5pp
huge pile broccoli leek and cabbage 0pp
corn on cob 2pp
Muller yogurt 3pp
fruit salad 0pp
Diet coke 0pp

How I feel hungry after all that I have no idea!!!
Hi darling :) here to follow ur progress :) x
ok so its day 3 today. Just weighed out my shreddies in a bowl. hmmm it would appear previously I have been eating about 6 portions of cereal each day. I LOVE cereal. But if I have been eating all that for 3 years and gained my weight slowly I am hoping I will loose it pretty quickly. I have no idea how much I weigh exactly, I am presuming 16 stone. I am going to boots today to get weighed!!! eeeek!!!!
Hope boots went ok :) good luck petal x
Didnt make it to boots but mother in law on way round with some scales. Am stuffed after dinner today. getting better at meal planning!!!
Todays menu:
small bowl shreddies with milk 5pp
apple and orange 0pp

tin heinz cream of tomato soup 6pp
1 slice warburtons bread 3pp
peach and banana 0pp
glass squash 0pp

1 pink n white wafter 1pp

2 x chicken breasts skinless 8pp
huge salad 0pp
1/2 roasted red pepper 0pp
8 low fat oven chips 4pp
home made coleslaw 1pp
glass squash 0pp

cup of tea 0pp (apart from the milk but ah well)

1 pink n white wafter 1pp
small portion on ww 0p jelly

total 29pp (plus milk for brew but wont break the bank!!!)

much happier and not hungry day today!!!!
Hi Melanie and welcome.

Your menu's look good- I like the way you are bulking meals out with free fruit and veg, that's a really good habit to get into.

Good luck and hope the weigh in wasnt too much of a shock-but remember that you said you had just ate a big meal, and you still have that on board !!
Sounds very yummy! Glad the hungers gone x
ok so i finally weighed myself. I am 15st 12 lb. feel devastated but at least i am doing something about it. I have been doing ww for 3 days now...wonder if i was even bigger before?
I have been to the loo quite a lot so i presume i am loosing a lot of water retention and that may be why i dont feel as bloated. i have an interview this week and i want to feel my best. I have my good old spanx at the ready!!!!!
YUMMIES diner hun...... A little tip I have.... If im havin a time where i need to feel filled I make sure in a morning I have a couple of eggs, either omelette or poached on toast or scrambled etc...but eggs and a banana after, im full til about 2pm...and i LOVE my food hun... try the eggs and see if it works for you,,,,it might not but i know it def does for me! ....good luck with ur loss, and dont feel too devasted at ur weight.....it will go ...do it in little bits..I have 7 stone to loose but im thinkin half a stone at a time...they will all add up in the end! lol...
Tea looks yummy! Facing the scales is always tough! Good luck for the week ahead xx
Thanks guys. I am so glad i joined this group. nice to know i am not alone.
I am looking forward to the weekend, going to have my 49pp as a nice treat. might have my fave curry but just have half of it and then i can maybe have a dairy milk too.
I really am shocked at how badly I was eating before. hopefully i will notice some big differences. I bought some bassets chewy vitamins and energy thingys to help me not feel so tired. I know eating better will help too.
Does anyone know if adios tablets work? i had them from about a year ago. dont know if i should take them.
Off to work in a bit. first day working on a diet. might be easier if i am kept busy. will let you know how i get on xxxx
Oooo enjoy curry n choc :D x
Good morning guys
My diary yesterday:
2 slices ww wholemeal toast 2pp
apple banana 0pp
Boots shapers bbq chicken wrap 8pp
Pkt low fat pretzels 3pp
Diet coke
ASDA be good carbonara pasta 11pp
pkt shapers onion rings 2pp
Total 26pp

Went to bed feeling a bit hungry but drank a big glass blackcurrant squash which helped.
Found out today i can have 36pp a day. does it matter if i have less? i have been aiming for 29.

I have an interview today. I feel good because my bloated tummy has gone right down. will still wear my magic knickers under my dress though!!!!
how is everyone else getting on? xx
Good luck for interview! U will be fab x
Good luck with the interview !!

If you have been eating way under your points it's no surprise that you have been hungry. I think being under on the odd day or so doesnt hurt but doing it regularly can actually slow down your losses !
What is the interview for? X
new job. am fed up with mine. and depression at work = comfort eating at home!!
i wasn't intentionally under eating i didn't know how many points i was allowed x

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