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Struggling :(

hey everyone
I'm new to this im on my 5th day and im really struggling. i am 14stone and aim to get to 10st for april 2011. i really want to get through this but im finding it so hard. any one have any advice on how you got through or advice at all much appreciated x thanks
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Hi Maria, the first week is very difficult well done on getting to day 5 which means you are 2 days away from an amazing weight loss and that will spur you on to do another week. Remember you have done 5 days!! you are nearly there, after the first weigh in every thing gets easier and your confidence grows. Its natural to feel like you do just distract yourself in any way possible to keep you focused on weigh in day. Have you got some smaller jeans to hang on your wardrobe? or a lovely dress? I know you can do this because you have done the worst days already!! Good luck huni xxx


Getting thinner everyday!
focus on your weigh in. You'll have such an amazing loss that it'll re-motivate you for the second week.

Whenever you feel like your struggling, have a cup of coffee with a sweetener in, a bath, read a book, do your nails. Keep busy until the "moment" passes. Or make yourself an extra "big" shake using coffee/peppermint tea with the chocolate powder .

You can do this. It is a difficult diet but the rewards are so worth it. If you're struggling tonight, going to bed early can also help.
i know i have to keep telling myself i will do this. i have a size 12 dress ready and waiting for me. i hardly drink any water so i think that might be why i dont feel well. i think it also might be because i just have strawberry milshake 3 times a day and i dont really like it. 2 more days just going to do it 1 week at a time x
Hi Mariecarri
I'm also quite new to this, i got through the first 2 weeks lost 10lb, then had a good old stuffing over christmas, am now back at it, on day 6, i'm also Struggling, so i know how you feel, it's HELL
just get through one day at a time, the thing to remember is that.... "it will all be there for you".... when you get to your ideal weight, all of the yummy things, that you can't stop thinking about, you can have them all as your reward (maybe not all at once) and in moderation, i'm thinking of all of the money this is costing me, £££££££, kinda helps me to keep out of the fridge, the quicker we get there the less it costs us
Stay strong
You really need to drink the water huni or you will get ill, if you are finding it difficult try drinking it through a straw, or try cold sparkling water? You need to find a way to get it down. You are doing really well xx
i don't drink much water. but drink gallons of Tea with sweetner. and the odd coffee, week 1, i felt wretched, due to dehydration, drinking is vital, if you are to succeed!!!!!
wow this is actually really helping cheers guy, its great to know there are people out there doing the same thing. drink water - i must remember to do that. when does it start getting easier, i mean when do you start forgetting about food xx
Hey cheers cheryl thats actually a good idea. im deffo going to take into account the morning thing, not so sure about the splitting the pack thing i might try it though. no harm in trying. what do you all have to drink eat etc. x
Hi Marie
I don't know about forgetting about food, maybe you just get used to the empty feeling, the starvation feeling does get less,
I try to drink Tea Coffee for as long as possible in the morning and hold off having my shake as long as poss, usually about 12.00 then lunch shake about 330/4 and dinner shake 730/8, the first week i went to bed at about 830, cos i was so Bloody hungry, i have heard that some people drink Boulion (bovril drink)
Day 5 was the worst for me, Day 7 and the first WI has been by far the best! Keep drinking water! and stick with it!

Good Luck


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Hi Maria, I had a really bad day round about day 4 or 5, but somehow managed to push through it. It started getting better for me the day after and am able to cope with it all a bit better now (only day 8) I had my weigh in today and it really does feel good to see the results. Stick in there, get your focussed head on, believe you can do it because you totally can!

Dare to dream about how you're going to feel when you reach your goal of 10 stone, what you're going to wear and how confident you're going to feel! You'll be amazed at how it can distract you and make you more determined. Spend a while on here, check out some weight loss diaries, you won't regret it - there are some truly inspirational people on here. Come on girlie, chin up... be proud of how far you've come and please drink some more water, it can have some nasty results if you don't :eek:

Hi Maria, I found day 6 was the day I woke up and felt better, not as tired or grumpy!

The 2nd week is much easier and you kind of settle into it and get on with it. For the first week it was all I could think of but now its better. I only feel hungry when I'm due a shake / soup and I wait until I get the hunger feeling 10/1030, 1430/1500, 1930/2000. I'm actually starting to like the feeling of my tummy rumbling as it kind of makes me think that it's 'working'.

Your first weigh in will really spur you on!!
Good luck x

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told you you would get tonnes of support :) just keep at it and keep sipping that water.. i break it down into time frames, so i have my first litre drank before 12, then my second litre drank by 4pm and my third litre drank my 8pm,, and then a little extra after if i need it! ...i also keep track by filling up my evian litre sports bottle so i know exactly how much im drinking.. hope that helps!.. x
hey everyone
I'm new to this im on my 5th day and im really struggling. i am 14stone and aim to get to 10st for april 2011. i really want to get through this but im finding it so hard. any one have any advice on how you got through or advice at all much appreciated x thanks
Hang in there mariacarr1992.....everyone is so supportive love it!!! You are in the right place...we have all gone through it....can't emphasize more that h2o will help you.....the withdrawals will soon subside. Fous on WI.:)

Mariacarr1992 i hope today is a better day for you!
i had a bad day yesterday (day 9) but coming on here made me realise id be fine after a nights sleep and here i am smiling again today so please just take a deep breath and tell yourself why you are doing this. its hard at 1st and i personally have only ever done a few weeks before giving up in the past but this time i have the support from others on this forum and it will be the LAST time i do it! you could soo easily be at your target if you really want to so dont stress. have a look at the b4 and after pics if you need reminding what this is all about! some of us look at the shakes as medicine to make you thin, the best medicines normally taste the worst! loads of positive vibes coming your way xxx


addicted to minimins!!
how are you today mariacarr?? x
i was feeling really good this morning, i dotn why but its always night times i seem to feel like eating and giving up. it suprises me how much food involves in our life, my boyfriend wanted to take me for a meal 2moro if i eat what happens ? x
If you eat you will be knocked out of ketosis and will undo all your hard work this week!! youve done so well, stick at it, the sooner you get finished the sooner you can get in your dress!!! xxx

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