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last diet.......EVER!!
Hi, just thought I'd better get around to writing a diary to keep tabs on what I am eating daily.
I PP wed & Thurs so I can have a Sunday lunch

B: natural yogurt - sweetened
L: HM meat balls with Dukan Mayo
S: more meat balls (500 grammes daily total 5% fat)
D:Rhubard crumble (fram frai+ oatbran)
2 x lit H20 & 5 x de-caf black coffee

B. nat yogurt sweetened
L: as above
S: as above
D: prawns + boiled egg with dukan mayo
Rubard crumble - dukan style
1 1/2 lit H20 5 x de-caf coffee

B: 2 eggs scambled & a few mushrooms dry fried
L: 500 gr lean mince
D: prawn salad
rubard crumble - dukan style
1 1/2 lit H20 & 4 x de-caf coffee

What I am having trouble with is firstly eating minimum 75 - 100 gr protein per day, I just feel as though I am force feeding myself. Also on PV days when I have salad I normaly have 1/2 a salad bag & 3-4'' of cucumber, is that too much? too little?
I've been stalling for the last 12 days, not sure what I am doing wrong?
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Just keep swimming...
Sorry to hear you are struggling a bit atm. I'm no expert yet but all looks ok to me. I did wonder about the rhubarb though - are you allowed it on a PP day? I noticed you had it on Wed and Thu.

I had it in my head that rhubarb wouldn't be pure protein so would only be used on PV days? Hope someone will clarify.

Are you measuring? Even if your loss isn't showing on the scales yet, it should on the tape measure.


last diet.......EVER!!
PP day
B. galette with half of the oatbran
L. mince & dukan mayo
S. sugar free jelly & yogurt
D. steak & rhubrab crumble - dukan style
1 & 1/2 H20
4 de-caf black coffee
1 x tin coke zero


last diet.......EVER!!
Busy day
B. missed it!! Whoops
L Tuna, boiled egg & salad
D. Chicken & home grown carrots + french beans
Rhubarb crumble
I've been igardening all day as the weather was gorgeous.:)


** Chief WITCH **
Could you enlighten me as to what "HM meatballs" are please? And, if you're stalling and having them twice a day some days, might they be something to change?

As for the "force feeding" feeling, I know exactly what you mean which is why I always recommend, rather than having a tonne of one ingredient to vary more. My PP meals always consist of three or even four protein ingredients, rather than trying to swallow a lot of one. Perhaps try that? And perhaps go for some turkey/chicken. Try to vary your menus a little too...

Let us know how you get on!
Just to reassure you - a 10 to 12 day "stall" may not mean the diet isn't working. My scales used to stop dead for 10-12 days every single month before my period - and then would plummet by up to 6 lbs the week after.

I know it's nerve-wracking, but try to hang on in there, drink plenty of water, and don't let the worry drive you off course.
I thought rhubarb was okay in a limited quantity on pp days, as a help for constipation. Though obviously one to try eliminating if stalled.

Sorry youre struggling, it isnt easy.

Using the bran as a crumble topping is great, but not if youre struggling with protein, better to make something with it that uses an egg white (im terrible at doing this) will help with a few grams.

Best of luck.
If you feel like you are forcefeeding yourself, try eating more protein earlier - have a whole galette, or eat scrambled eggs or cottage cheese for breakfast.

Then you have a head start on the day.


last diet.......EVER!!
Thanks everyone for your very helpful advice.
P.S for Joanne (HM meatballs are Home made) I've probably got the shortened version all wrong as I am a bit of a luddite when it comes to technology!!


** Chief WITCH **
aaah re HM... I'm rubbish at abbreviations!


last diet.......EVER!!
If..........& it's a big if, if the scales are correct, there is a whole pound less of me now(in a week)!!! I just get very discouraged when every one else seems to loosing the 2lb a week as Dr. D says is 'normal'!!


** Chief WITCH **
Everyone's different though, Miss F, and with less to lose than some, you will lose more slowly...

I'm all for a revamp of your menus, if you are! How about cutting back on red meat for a couple of days, preferring chicken/turkey/fish etc. All home cooked, no packaged foods... Don't add (too much) salt to foods. No soy sauce, etc. or dubious flavourings. Plenty of H20. Some exercise. And write down everything which passes your lips. TOTM can cause a stall, and transit issues too, which I think you are prone too. Have you tried adding 1 tablespon wheatbran to your oatbran?
I get the same way MissF.... it's the luck of the draw - just gotta keep at it :)....WI's usually go 1lb, 1lb, STS, 2lb.... there's no real rhyme or reason to it - I always try to look on the plus side - if there's ever a famine I'll be alright for a bit ;)



last diet.......EVER!!
Oh, Thankyou Mainainer & alottoloose, I loved the bit about a famine!!LOL
I'll try what you suggested maintainer, well definately more chicken, not so much the fish as I only really like tuna & crab. An ex boyfriend, who was a bodybuilder years ago, dragged me around the fishmarket in Doncaster, for his 'pre contest' diet, white fish morning, noon & night' (hence why I know this diet will work, he used to 'get ripped' in a week on it)as he knew I can't stand seeing the fish with all there eyes & tail bits still on!!:eek::eek:


last diet.......EVER!!
Happy day are here again!!!
I've plucked up the courage to try on a new pair of jeans that I've had in the back of the wardrobe for ages..........& they fit!! Happy Days!
It's always great to see the results on the bathroom scales, but if I'm honest, they are just numbers, I only really believe it when I can fit into clothes which I couldn't earlier!:bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss:

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