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The important thing is to not let it make you give up and cheat even worse.

Also, if you HAVE to cheat, always try and have some protein. Once your body has adjusted to the diet, you'll find that is exactly what you need to help your hunger and doesn't affect the diet too much.
Thanks. I have nothing left in the house that I can cheat with now. It just really annoys me because I have a day off the diet next weekend because it's my friends birthday and we have lots planned which includes food but my cdc knows so that's ok x
I agree dont let it put off track and always yru and have something protein if you really need to eat. When you have you day out it may not do as much damage as you think if you choose wisely. If you're having a meal choose something chicken and leave the potatoes for example and have sugar free mixers with your drinks. Good Luck x
Where we are going isnt the healthiest of places, but I know it's happening so am prepared for not such a good weight lost that week. Did you really lose 18lb in your 1st week and how? X
Oops! It is hard though at first so don't beAT yourself up. Firstly this hunger actually goes really quickly when your body goes into ketosis. Secondly, maybe have available something to eat in those weak moments that wont break your diet. A CD bar, or some protein or veggies? Its easily done, but the problem with things like bread it will take you out of ketosis or delay you getting into it. Avoid carbs at all costs! Getting through the first few days is the hardest bit, but the more rigidly you stick to it, the faster you'll get into ketosis. Also when you have a blip, let it be, don't stress just make sure to stay strong next time!
Best of luck, don't give up xx
Ah I see, well i'm sure you'll be fine, one blip isnt the end of the world, i'm sure you'll be fine.
best of luck x


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you weight loss is going to be just fine on step two (I've been on a 800 CD diet from the start); bread is not the right snack to have if you are hungry, choose maybe lean proteins like chicken, eggs, tofu, corn. it will help you go through the first days. my secret when I'm hungry is high flavored, high quality tea, my favorite being vanilla. It just takes the hunger away. In her book Beck's diet solution, Beck teaches us that hunger is NOT an emergency. Hungry ? so what...it can wait and it passes away. you don't NEED to eat. This tip is one that helped me the most and changed my way of thinking. I would recommend that book. Good luck on your journey.

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