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Iv been doing slimming world since the end of August and only managed to lose 3.5lbs. I just can't get motivated just now, feel like im stuck in a rut i can't get out of. I have a diary if anyone would like to look at?

I have wi tonight i expect another gain, i do well wed-fri then sat comes and i blow it all and don't get back on track till monday!!

Im trying to eat new recipes each week to keep me interested. Main issues this week have been lack of fruit at work i keep leaving it in house and munching on other things, no motivation at nights i always want toast and my flask started to turn soup so not been able to take anything warm to work i need get a new one this week and take soup next week.

Also sick of eating toast for breakfast any other suggestions that are reasonable i dont like porriage and dont really like milk...but i can occasionally eat cereal!!

Any help appreciated i need a kick up bum to get me motivated!!!
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What type days do you like - EE, red or green

Check out the suggestion boards - there's one for breakfast, lunch & dinner ideas
If Saturdays are your downfall, why not use all your syns on that day and plan what your going to have so you know the exact syns etc. Then you will feel like your following the plan all week.
Thanks :) ill try that!!

I normally do EE or Green i struggle with red days

Its just that i start off well then end up going out for dinner or getting a take away on a saturday and it throws me!!
so choose something from the chinese that doesn't throw you off. The same when going out for tea. There's a thread called Eating out and every type of place, food is on there to help you choose best meals.

Tell yourself you can do this and start from NOW!!! But let us support you on your way x


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Hi Kirsty - Okay, a little bit of tough love: the plan won't work if you don't actually follow it and you're not following it.

So, why not? I reckon we all know that physically eating the right stuff isn't hard, it's the mental aspect that's difficult, so what's your mental roadblock here?

Have a good, solid think about why you want to lose weight - not the esoteric "being thinner" but specific things - like: you want to be able to wear a short skirt and cross your legs, you want to be able to wear something sleeveless, you want to be able to buy clothes that you like, not just that fit, you want to be able to climb stairs and have a conversation at the same time, you want to be able to sit next to someone on the train and not think they're rolling their eyes at the fat heffer taking all their space... that kind of thing.

It's easier to defeat your motivation sapping stuff if you know specifically why you're motivated in the first place.

Other than that - if dinner's your downfall, start planning what you're going to have so you don't even have to think about it (if you batch cook and freeze then that's a quick ready meal, too).

Could you have a cooked breakkie? beat up a couple of eggs, add a chopped pepper and chopped (deseeded) tomato and stick in a bowl in the fridge then nuke in the morning - free on all plans and a good hit of protein, too.

Plan - use the tools you have here and make things easier on yourself (can you get some of that stuff out the house? Easy to resist buying a loaf of bread once, hard to resist toasting that loaf every single day).

You CAN do this, but you need to want to do it and put the effort in.

Thanks for the replys!! The reason i made this post is because im determined to do it just seems harder this time possibly due to starting a new relationship and we go out most weekends (He is 100% supportive of my diet and encourages me but i do find i want to go out for dinner etc at weekends).

I still stay at home which i think makes it harder, sisters constantly making toast (Breads a downfall of mine), eatting crisps and chocolate. I struggle most at nights i tried to have a mug shot last night but it made me feel physically sick i think iv sickened myself of them! So maybe try eggs etc. Cooked breakfasts a good idea may try that!! Also going shop at lunch to get weetabix and things to try and change breakfasts :)

Thank you
Does your sister know how important loosing weight is to you - if she understood she may be a little more supportive.
Do you still go out at night / weekend but make wise choices - most places are happy for you ask for veg without butter (imply your lactose intollerant and watch them run) and for drinks have vodka with slimline tonic etc (each drink is 2.5 syns).
Glad your boyfriends supportive too x
Sisters know how important it is to me but insist on having crisps etc each night iv done it before myself and resisted temptation going to shop on my break to get fruit and yoghurt for night :)

I normally have chicken salad and a baked potatoe if we are out or something similar, im determined to do this. Also always drink vodka and diet coke :)

THanks for your help
Sounds like your planning well so if your mind set is right you will succeed x
Sisters know how important it is to me but insist on having crisps etc each night iv done it before myself and resisted temptation going to shop on my break to get fruit and yoghurt for night :)

I normally have chicken salad and a baked potatoe if we are out or something similar, im determined to do this. Also always drink vodka and diet coke :)

THanks for your help
Keep at Kirsty you sound like you really want to do this ! When your sisters are scoffing why dont you have a bath and spend some time pampering yourself. You can do this, I joined sw 4 weeks ago and today lost 3lb making it a stone of weight loss.. If I can do it so can you , you look lovely in your profile pic, you deserve it. ps i am a v&dc woman too..:)
Thanks :)

Went out on my lunch break and bought pineapple/satsumas/apples/banannas/kiwi fruits and grapes going to put some in a big bowl and have it in fridge when they eat rubbish im having fruit and also going to have it with breakfast :) i also got ff yoghurt too!!

Hoping the damage aint to bad this week at class but im in right frame of mind now and told the bf we eating in for a few weeks till i get myself remotivated and he said thats fine :)

Goodluck everyone!!
Well done, see its all about forward planning, tho not great at that myself... read the back of the crisps bags that your sisters are eating..fat fat fat fat.....!! :8855:
I've just read this & you've got some amazing helpful comments/support.

It seems that two things are hindering you a little, eating in the evening & eating out at the weekend.

You could make yourself something like a big bowl of pasta salad which you can dip into in the eve or maybe a nice yummy pasta quiche, there are lots of things to make which can be eaten cold.

At the weekend try & do other things instead of going out to eat, go for a nice walk & take fruit, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, tomatoes with you to snack on whilst you walk. If you google there you'll find lots of nice walks around where you live.

Have a lovely weekend:D
Thanks for the support everyone still feeling motivated :) instead of our take away this weekend tonight we having slimming world spaghetti bolognase and tomorrow tuna pasta with el mayo for dinner :) i will do this :)

Idea about walks would be brilliant if i didnt live in sunny Scotland haha, its torrential rain and wind the now :( but i will when its nice take the dogs out :)
Tell me about it! The weathers rotten so ive taken to exercising inside or when im feeling brave wrap up and get to the gym x
I've just started doing the kettleworx, love it!

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