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  1. LVR123

    LVR123 Member


    I'm on day 11 and today is the hardest so far. I have a vile taste in my mouth, I'm hungry and I'm really really struggling to keep on track. I've lost 8lb so far which I know is good, but was expecting more. I've lost more in the same space of time doing weight watchers and eating alot more calories.
    I made my exante pasta carbonara which I liked when I had it last week, but just the smell of it made me heave. I made an omelette instead with just 2 eggs.

    Has anyone else been through this and worked through it?

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  3. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    Don't feel disheartened. I too have had big losses on other diets in the past. The thing is that I would have that big loss and then it would be 2 lb week in week out and then Id start cheating at least with this diet its fast. you can lose a lot of weight quickly. it sounds like you need to have a plan.
    when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding I did Cambridge and thought the exact same thing as you I found it difficult hit a wall and kept thinking how much I had eaten on other diets and still lost weight. what I forgot was that i had been on that diet and hit a wall too after all, had I succeeded I wouldn't be sitting here on this forum now. Id have found the key to losing weight and keeping it off. I would set yourself a goal and go for it whether its a time goal or a weight goal. don't give up on yourself!.
  4. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    My goal is 6 stone and it seems so far away. If I'm stumbling at 11 days I don't know how I'm ever going to do 6 months plus! Although if I say 24 weeks it doesn't sound so bad.

    I've never stuck to any diet before which is why im where I am! X

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  5. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    I am 16st 10lb I want to be 9st 7lb so I too have a long way to go but I have decided to do this diet for 12 weeks and give it my all. Then my plan is to get the rest of the weight off using calorie counting and exercise lots of exercise. I would love to do 5lb a week on average but I will take what I can get. I have caved and gone to total plus for today and had a bowl of salad, but I have been up with my little ones since 2am. So back to it tomorrow. I never stick to to anything either but I am determined to do this this time. No doubt I will get wobble days too.
  6. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Are you doing any exercise while on total solution? I was thinking of doing 20 mins a day on the cross trainer once I hit the 2 week mark and then doing something like 30 day shred once I've improved my fitness (seen some good before and after pics!)
    if i can lose 5lbs a week then I'll be over the moon & will find it easier to stick to.. but if I can only lose 6lbs on the first week I'm assuming it will be much lower going forward.

    my mindset is much different this time though, I'm much more determined and haven't gone off track. 11 days doesn't seem like much but usually I manage 1 day lol.

    I'm toying with the idea of replacing my evening shake with a low carb meal for 200 cals and taking a multivitamin. I know it's not recommended but it's similar to when I did Slim & Save before, where you could have 3 packs instead of 4 and a low carb meal with a multivitamin. my main problem is that I only like the shakes and bars and miss savoury food. but then it's a slippery slope...
  7. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Ladies, believe me, YOU CAN DO IT!!

    When I started this on 1 July at nearly 24 stones it felt like a mammoth (no pun intended) task to shift the weight. But what I said to myself was that time will pass whether I stick to the diet or not. I set myself a goal of getting to goal by Christmas 2014. Christmas will come whether I do this or not and the worst thing would be to get to Christmas and not have done it and be regretting not sticking with it.

    My losses are really slow now, maybe 2lb if I am lucky, or stay the same, but it all adds up - nearly 8 stones lost now. I feel so much better for losing the weight.

    I exercise 6 days a week - started with 30 day shred last July and now do T25 workouts. My fitness levels are the best they have ever been and I feel much more energised. I just wish I had done it years ago.

    So it is possible but it's not easy. You have to stay focused and make sacrifices now for a better, healthier life in the future. When I went on holiday last September I took my bars and shakes with me and just focused on how amazing my holiday would be next year after losing weight. And now that holiday is just 8 weeks away and I'm loving buying size 16 holiday clothes instead of trawling through the 26s in Evans.

    At the end if the day what's the alternative? Carry on eating and feel fed up and uncomfortable forever?

    Good luck, you can do it! xx
  8. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    Wow sparkley you are amazing! I have promised myself 12 weeks on exante then I have my T25 here waiting. I get easily bored so after 12 weeks I will need to change things up. In the mean time I have decided to do the 30day plank and Squat challenges.. Hoping this will help set me up for t25. I managed a week of t25 it reduced me to tears because I was physically unable to do a lot of the moves especially the abs one.
    Just thinking LVR123 why don't you go onto total plus on the days you find difficult? I am off to buy zero noodles today so at least if I feel like if I want to have a proper meal I have the means to do it.
  9. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Wow sparkley what an inspiration!

    I have caved in and had a chicken salad for 200 cals instead of a shake today, but I'm not too upset with myself - could have been much much worse. I almost convinced hubby to order me an indian yesterday but fortunately he talked me out of it.

    I keep weighing every day which I know is silly, but I've dropped another pound so 9lb so far. Pretty pleased with that, I think maybe having ribena plus last week stopped me from getting into ketosis.

    I keep hearing about this T25 but have no idea what it is, is it more intense than 30 day shred?

    Spent all day painting all our fences and the shed, I must say I have a lot more energy and a lot less migraines being on this diet (I suffer with migraines more or less daily, so this is a big bonus.) Also no shakey low blood sugar moments which is unlike me. I had a bar at 10am and then salad at 6.30pm and usually would be a dithering mess if I hadnt eaten within 4 hours.

    One weird thing is that every night this week I have dreamt that I've gone off track and binged on something.. I wake up feeling disappointed with myself until I realise it was a dream :)

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  10. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    How are you getting on Nessa?

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  11. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    How are you getting on LV? :)
  12. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Good thank you :) I'm on day 15 and going strong! 10lbs down so far. A colleague asked me how I was doing today, so I told her I'd lost 10lbs.. she said 'have you? I cant tell' so was ready to go eat a doughnut after that lol.

    How are you doing? :)

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  13. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    I'm doing good, day 15 too!

    As fir colleague don't worry about it. She won't be able to miss ur loss soon! I lost 2 stones before restart and not one person noticed :)

    Keep going. Stuff them! X
  14. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Wow 2 stone well done :) how much are you hoping to lose now? I have about 5 stone 5lbs. Hubby is treating us to a holiday in florida if I get to my goal weight, so I've got a pretty good incentive.

    Are you struggling at all or are you breezing through? I've had a few wobbles but not been seriously tempted to be naughty.

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  15. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    I struggled in the beginning but now doing fine :)

    I had 5 stone to lose. Of the 2 stone I lost, I gained 1st 6lb back when off plan! So I've only lost 1st 8 1/2lbs.

    Warning: don't cheat! It might lead u down same path as me! X
  16. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    How long were you off plan for? It's a slippery slope I guess. I am enjoying getting on the scales and seeing a loss.

    So you've lost 14 and a half lbs since you restarted? That's great! I can't understand why mine isn't higher, but I'll take whatever I can!

    Are you doing any exercise? X

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  17. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    I was off plan from roughly 24 feb to 24 April. Was on/off during this time too, doing half a job.
    So not worth messIng about!

    I'm trying to re-introduce exercise gently :)

    U had a good day? X
  18. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Yeah fairly good thanks, have you started today? Trying to drink more water, managing about 2 litres a day but think I should be drinking more.

    Can't bring myself to do any exercise yet, hoping the diet will be enough on it's own. X

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  19. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Went to gym couple times last week. Just gentle stuff.

    Been walking, cycling (and falling off my bike) and just started hula hooping! Nothing too strenuous :) x
  20. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Much more than me then! x

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