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Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Ok so, i've lost 10 stone and currently down to 14, but the thing is i've been stuck at the same mark for the past almost 2 months, I am running 2 miles a day, doing weights, sit ups/chin ups (although not as often), I am on 1200kcal, and the number will no longer move!

Has anyone got any ideas on what I can do to get shifting again, i've tried shifting calories up and down, tried having a week off (back on regular GDA's) and no exercise, I am going to try a week of higher calories but still diet such as 1750kcal and see how that goes.

But its jus ahhhh! lol :mad:
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Tell me about it, this whole situation sucks.

I started out on a really low cal diet, lost a stone and then it just stopped.
I recently upped my cal intake to 1200 plus exercise and its started moving again. Albeit very slowly compared to what im used to.

Ive been bumping up and down between 12stone and 11.8 for a couple of months. It makes you feel like giving up! Meh, hopefully this increase in calories works out for me.

I dont know what to suggest to you, as you seem to have tried most things. ]: Best of luck though.



Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Thanks hun, you too :), VERY FRUSTRATING lol makes you feel like saying stuff it i'm done x
You could try some super foods. I think berrys, celery, grapefruit etc are some and how about trying a bit of a detox to flush your system out.

Congratulation on losing 10 stone! Quite an achievment!
What an inspiration you, are don't you dare give up LOL to have come as far as you have is truly amazing, don't get side tracked and lose your determination. You will start losing again, your not a machine, just bare with it, it took a long time to go on, it will come off when it's ready, that's not to say it's not a pain in the ass having to wait! I really wish you the very best of luck x
your 5ft 11 and on 1200cals plus exercise??

you need to up your calories
What are your clothes doing, are they hanging any looser? Reason I'm asking is with all your exercise on your calorie intake you must be burning it off somewhere. Are you just building muscle as you lose fat? I know I've more or less stayed the same over the past three months but the trousers I got at Christmas are hanging off me at the moment so something must be happening lol


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Thanks for the comments n suggestions guys.

Not really noticed much change in clothes this time either mate, tended to stay the same, think i've just hit my major plateau at the moment and need to shift it on. I've decided to come off altogether for a week, eat what I like, shift my body right back up as its been on it nearly 2 years, then im gonna do a detox sort of thing as suggested above, then back to the same routine and see what happens, hopefully itll shift back to moving numbers again, but have to see. If this doesnt work, Im gonna replan my whole diet, change the numbers up, higher calorie intake as suggested above too, although was already thinking it might be the problem, especially seemin as im working my body so hard and giving it nothing.


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Hi Plum, yeah cutting calories down and exercising is pretty key aswell really, wouldnt advise doing it without the exercise. Ummm typical day generally 1200kcal, some salmon fillets (250kcal for both), tinned tuna (around 140 kcal a tin, depending on brand) chicken breast (75-150kcal dependin on how much i eat), danish bread (weight watchers stuff 49kcal slice) for sandwiches either with said chicken breast or a piece of sliced ham (11kcal slice), low sugar/salt beans (generally around 300 kcal a tin dependin on brand), these are just some of the main stones in my diet, obviously i have things around them, such as snack a jacks or cereal bars or healthier foods, fruit etc. Basically try to keep low fat (never exceeding 15g a day (of healthy mono/poly)) and high proteins (min 55g a day, usually 100 - 150g a day), sat fat is usually cut out altogether, sometimes have 2-4g though on certain days).

Hope that gives you some sort of idea of what im eating lol.
Im trying desperately to lose 3-4 stone by end of september!
Today ive had:
Tuna and light mayo salad sandwich on brown bread, an apple and muller light yog, prawn and tomato salad with spring onion, seafood sauce and cucumber....is this the sort of foods I should be eating? Im aiming for 1200 cals plus an hour of exercise a day (treadmill & exercise bike)

PJ x


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Id try to live without any sort of mayo, even the light stuff is still quite fattening, and calorific. Apart from that, it sounds like quite a good diet to be on, im not sure at some of the calorie content of that but 1200 seems fine for you if you can keep to that. Dont forget when you are exercising you will be burning quite a bit too so if you notice any stoppage in the weight loss when you pick up the exercise, try upping the calories a bit, 4 stone is 56 pounds, so i'd say its definately achievable by the end of september as long as you stick to your guns, best of luck with it all and hope to be saying well done on your 3-4 stone loss in sept! :)
Seeing as you seem like quite the expert, im going to ask you Scotty.

Ive been doing a diet of 1200cals a day. And im going on the treadmill and its telling me im burning 300calories. [Seeing as im a jobless bum at the moment this is the most i get fitness wise]

Should i be losing weight doing that dya think? Or do i need to chop and change abit?

Was thinking of going for 1200 - 1400 calories, walking 300calories off on the treadmill, plus doing various areobic activities, going rock climbing on a monday and tuesday and doing as much as i can, when i can.

Ive been around the same weight for weeks now. And its driving me nuts because im so close to my goal.

Hi Scotty,

just wanted to say you have done so well, I don'thave ant magic answers for being stuck, apart from when I took my cals from less carbs things started shifting again, ten stones wow thats like a whole person, you are a true inspiration x :flirt2:
Oh BTW if you are hitting the gym reg you are gonna up the muscle which as you know weighs heavier.


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
You sound like youve hit a plateua also to me, I'd try adding a couple of hundred calories on top for a few weeks first and see if itll shift your numbers again. What is it that your diet currently consists of? As for the treadmill, do you walk on it for the whole workout? Only trouble with this is I think you get stuck in aerobic exercise where I understand your body is using oxygen (i.e. breathing) as the main energy source, whereas the higher heart rate is gonna lead you into a more intense workout and start converting up the energy sources inside you when your muscles need them because it cant cope on oxygen alone anymore. I used to find a run walk was really good at keeping my heart rate up, i.e. run until you feel like you cant anymore, then walk to catch your breath back and then run again, its surprising how fast your lungs begin to adjust and you can go for longer.

Serafyn - thanks for the kind words :), yea I gathered the muscle is gonna be part of the problem but I know it cant be the sole problem of not losing no more. ill definately give that some thought about the carbs, since majority of my energy is protein based, thanks for the info, ill give it a try if I cant get this number movin again
I have a food diary on this part of the forum. If you want to check it out. See where im going wrong, if im going wrong.
I had afew days off from calorie counting this weekend. And my weight, even though i was eating rubbish for the most part managed to stay exactly the same.
Im going to do the whole more exercise more calories thing. It is the most obvious way to lose weight.

Treadmill; I have been doing up to a mile and a half, full incline, 2.5 mph.
So, its a very brisk uphill walk basically. I tend to stretch it out into 15/30 minute slots throughout the day.

Going climbing in about half an hour, so should get a great workout there too.




Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Well judging by your diary, seems youve had good few weeks of very low calories and now stepped it up a bit? Thats good remember you need to keep the body happy to lose really, dont want the whole starvation thing, id say 1200-1400kcal a day if you can really. Also what sort of fat content are you getting? Cant really tell from your diary because the meat could be fatty or fat free, typically in g's what are you consuming, saturated g's too, since fat is another one of those things we should give our body a bit of to lose, otherwise it doesnt like having no fat at all. Seems like quite a healthy diet though and you should be losing :)
Well, the Quorn stuff i tend to eat has between 2 - 3g of fat per thing.

But other than that, not much really. o_O

Ive had some time off from it all recently. Tomorrow im going to start actually counting rather than giving a rough guess. I like to know exactly what im eating during the day.

Going to be buying a skipping rope, asap so i can use that aswell as that run/walk thing you mentioned before.

thankyou for helping me out. [: