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Student discount

Our consultant has just told us that the prices are going up in January and also they're getting rid of the student discount! :wave_cry:
Seems so unfair!
One of the reasons I joined slimming world was that I got a student discount.
Means my weekly price is going to increase from £4.25 to £4.95. Makes a difference to us poor students!
Anybody else here a student that isn't happy about this??
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£5.25?? I only pay £4.50 as a full paying member!!!
Sorry I meant £4.25 to £4.95! Whoops!!
Normal membership increasing from £4.50 to £4.95 reduced membership is going from £4.25 to £4.65 but their getting rid of student discount.
I'm guessing some people abuse the student thing but if you're that upset try emailing SW direct asking for their reasons why.
But if you've got a student card you are a student?! And generally students have less of an income or no income at all! Seems unfair that retired people can still get discount as they have reduced income but students can't.
Was thinking of emailing them. Doubt they'll listen to just me though!!
But I was a student when holding down a 40 hour week job - that's what I meant by abuse (and no I wasn't doing SW at the time and claiming discount)
I'm a student and took advantage of the discount but at the end of the day its 70p a week, thats a chocolate bar. Slimming world is a business and with all businesses prices go up and they don't have to provide a discount, i'm just thankful that had it for so long. Its still cheaper the ww, I'm just going to get the 12 week block, you get a decent saving with those.
I cannot help but think I don't see why students should get a discount. I might have a full time job but things are a struggle for me too, hence why I had to stop going to class.

Like Nilo said, they are a business and in this current economic climate SW is doing what all businesses are doing.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and get on with it. No one said life, or dieting, would be fair.
But in that case you could argue why do senior citizens get a discount?! Some have good pensions and could easily afford it?
Seems unfair that they still get the discount come January but students don't. Generally both groups are on a reduced income.
70p a week might not seem much but soon adds up to £35 over 50 weeks!!
I understand prices have to go up and the student price was going up but I think to get rid of it completely is unfair, especially as they are still advertising it on their website.
Not going to comment on the student discount but I do know that SW haven't put their prices up for a good few years (I think it's 4 years) which is why it seems such a big increase.

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