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Thanks to everyone's wonderful and very convincing arguments i've decided to give SW a proper go and i'm getting quite excited about doing the shopping tomorrow (would do it this evening but working nights at home and have to go back up to uni on the train in the morning)

I was just wondering if there are any other students floating around? I do fashion and so as i'm sure you can imagine 90% of my course mates are drop dead gorgeous skinny minnies who don't need to think about dieting! Would be lovely to speak to someone else in my situation!
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Wishing and hoping!
I am a third year student at uni studying Psychology - it can be hard with the pressure of studies to comfort eat but planning is key and you can get through this. best thing I have learnt is never compare your self to others, everyone is different :)


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i'm a third year uni student and i know exactly where your coming from the majority of the other students on my course are slim and i'm determined to join them before graduation lol
Of course you count Laura! What kind of teaching are you doing?
And good luck Nicola i bet you'll look fab in your final photos, you've done so well already!
i love your words of wisdom, ilovelife, it's true you shouldn't compare yourself to others but sometimes it's so hard not to!


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Of course you count Laura! What kind of teaching are you doing?
Basic skills post-16 :) I don't think I would have been able to do SW during my undergraduate degree, way too much temptation with drinking and eating rubbish - though that's what got me needing SW in the first place!! Best of luck :)


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I'm a post-graduate trainee teacher, do I count? :)
Me too!! Doing 14-19 Business Studies and Economics!

I try to keep lots of fruit in the house that's easy to snack on, such as grapes and melon. I also try and do most of my work at uni so that I don't have food all around me to tempt me!!


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Part timer here :) OU but trying to get into uni. 3rd yr starts in Feb! Having a lovely break so getting my head around SW instead :giggle:


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I'm a second year Masters student with the OU - I'm not sure whether that counts! :) I'm working full time at the same time as a teacher, so it can be quite stressful!

I try to make sure that I have lots of fruit on hand to snack on, and I eat a lot of pasta dishes and omelettes which are quite filling and cut out the need to snack. I do get led astray (think Greggs yesterday :eek:), but on the whole if you're disciplined it's not too bad. I've just made a huge vat of cawl (basically chicken and veg soup!) which I can freeze portions of to have for lunches or quick meals when I'm busy, so that's another thing you could have. Making up large amounts of things like bolognese or ratatouille which can be frozen is helpful as it means you can stick to plan quite easily when you're studying or writing assignments. You could also cut up lots of carrots, peppers, cucumber etc as crudites and put them into little bags in the fridge. They'd be easy to grab and healthy!

Good luck hun! xxx :)


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I'm a student! :) don't you think SW should do discount for us! hehe
They used to! Not by much though, I think it was £4.25 (rather than the usual £4.95), but times are tough and they need the extra 70p :p

A 6-week countdown is £24.75, which works out at £4.13 a week so it's even cheaper than SD...

Anyhoo, back to the books - joy!


soon to be skinny minnie
hey i'm a student too, i joined sw last monday because i feel so out o place in class , all my friends are thin, and i'm sitting in class with my too tight size 20's on , feeling really bad x
Hello I am a newbie to the site, I would love to get some ideas from other students on SW :)

I am a 3rd year student midwife, plus a bride to be - nothing like pressure huh?!

I have a lot to lose it's pants really :/

I love hearing stories and tips

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