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Study: Healthy eating is privilege of the rich



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I know studies like this are all over the world but I disagree with how it has been made. I know tons of people who say they can't afford organic food and spend their money in chips and processed food and coke. Or they eat cheap meat twice a day....if you'd choose tap water over any soft drink that will be a lot of money saved. and if you decide to eat organic meat only once or twice a week, it won't be more expensive than buying cheap meat everyday. And since organic and whole food is more nutritious you don't have to eat as much. too many empty (and therefore expensive) calories....by publishing stuff like this, authorities just make people think you have to spend a lot to eat ealthily, it's not true.
Paradigms have to be changed. It's a matter of education. If you'd been raised in a world where healthy means "a protein, some carbs and vegetable at each meal" then you need to get some info somewhere else to change your dieting. that might be the problem...as always, education is always the problem :(
it doesnt have to be as expensive as people make out, its about healthy choices and shopping around, but then i have always been a bargain hunter. Its now just part of my shopping habits that i shop around use different shops for different items (and all on my way to and from places) with a bit of planning and some time its actually quite easy

If anything my food bills are actually alot less due to the amount of high priced crap i no longer buy!


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I agree with begghead, healthy eating needn't be expensive.
Wealthy people, like wealthy nations, have a wider choice of healthy food, it's like any commodity really.
To say that poor people cannot afford nutritious food is totally untrue. I worked in some of the poorest countries in the world vaccinating children, the children were generally very well nourished. The knowledge of food is passed from generation to generation. I have no doubt, though, that the well-being of these communities will spiral as soon as fast food outlets move in. They will not know that this food is bad for them, it's tasty and, with all the sugar and additives, can be highly addictive.
The reason wealthier people eat healthier is because of education.

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