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stuff ordered from Dukan shop has arrived!

..and the box was mahoosive! Made a bit of an error though, thought i was ordering 3 boxes of oatbran and NINE have arrived! they have an offer on at the mo where you get 3 but only pay for 1, so i put 3 in my shopping basket..doh! Never mind, i've got shedloads of oatbran to last me until christmas 2012 lol!

it looks different that the oatbran I've bought in the shops - looks more powdery as if it's milled finer than normal?

I've opened the 3 essences I bought

apple crumble

they smell gorgeous! the bottles are huge but the essence is a thick sauce rather than a thin liquid like my shop bought essences.

I've also got the Dukan cocoa - does anyone know what the daily limit is for cocoa?
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postage was £3.96.
The flavourings are 125ml, shop bought ones are usually 25ml, one of the girls on here said she's been using one since april and it's nowhere near empty.

I bought a banana essence from the shop (25ml) about 4 weeks ago and use it every morning in my yogurt and it's almost gone. So although the Dukan ones are not cheap they do seem to last a while.

I will update you on the flavourings once tried x


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Absolutely. 1 TEASPOON of low fat cocoa powder as tolerated ingredient (ie, if you're satisfied with your weight loss, not stalling, etc.)
well that's decided it for me, I won't be using the cocoa for drinking hot chocolate as one teaspoon is not enough for me (used to have 3 or 4 tsps of cadbury's highlights and a sweetener that's how bad my sweet-tooth was)

will use it in my biscuits with the hazelnut essence instead.
They sound really nice mmmmmm must have a look when I get back home with proper Internet
no! definitely NO cadburys highlights! That was what i used to drink before starting Dukan...

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