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Lisas Dukan Diary



Height: 5ft 7
Age: 22
Start weight: 11st 5lbs
Goal weight: 10st

I have tried all kinds of diets in the last couple of years, and thanks to weight watchers I went from 13st 1lb to 10st 7lb in 12 months.

I've got a bit too comfortable in the last few months and the weight has slowly crept back on, but I certainly had a great time gaining it. I haven't disallowed myself anything over the last few months. Currys, kebabs, mcdonalds, pizzas you name it I ate it nom nom

But.. it has to stop now! I've just booked a holiday to Cape Verde with my boyfriend on 7th March and I want to look my absolute best and be comfortable wandering around in a bikini and not wobbling.

A couple of my friends did the Dukan diet before Christmas, (when I was too busy eating everything in sight) and they have done so well! Both got to their target weight for christmas and have only gained the odd pound over the festive period. I really need to see a big weight loss straight away to keep me motivated, and to have clear rules as to what I can and can't have. On WW I lost all the weight on the old plan, when they switched to the new propoints plan I lost my way as it really wasn't clear to me. You have 49 extra fun points a week, some people swore they had to use them all to lose weight. Some people didn't use any and I couldn't go either way! Which is why I stalled at 10st7. And it was the slimmest I have ever been so I wasn't overly concerned about not getting to my goal. But this time I desperately want to get there. This will be my first holiday with my boyfriend and I don't want to feel paranoid about my size. I want to fit in a size 10 bikini and not spill out over the sides.

So I bought the book 3 weeks ago, and have been reading and studying the diet ever since. I've put a food plan together, done the big and expensive food shop and I'm ready to go.

I started yesterday (02/01/2012) and I had:
Breakfast - Good for you bacon without the fat and scrambled egg.

Lunch - Cajun chicken breast and a muller light

Tea - 2 homemade Beef burgers with an oatbran pancake.

Supper - Slice of ham

I was sat on my bum all day watching catch up christmas tv and chilling out before going back to work so I found it pretty easy as I didn't really need any energy other than to lift the remote. And not waking up until 10 knocked a few hours off my usual day so I didn't end up having lunch until 2pm.

I did get peckish around 8pm hence the slice of ham, but I just kept drinking more water. I got through a 2 litre bottle of water, 1 cup of tea and 2 glasses of diet coke. I can't wait for my bladder to get used to it. I was up and down like a freakin yoyo all day.

Not felt any withdrawal symptoms. A dog biscuit did seem tempting later on which is why I reached for the ham.

I got on the scales this morning and OMG.. 3lbs lost! I know this will be all water and not a 'true' weight loss but I couldn't believe my eyes. It has really encouraged me to keep at it and that's just what I needed.

Back at work today. On a normal day I have to get up at 545 to sort the dogs out, get ready and head out on my 1hour journey to work. I have breakfast when I get into work around 8am.

So today I'm having:

Breakfast: Oatbran cookie and a muller light

Snack: 2 slices of ham

Lunch: Tuna with Dukan Mayonaise (Homemade and allowed in attack phase)

Tea: A big fat yummy juice steak

It's only 1020 and I'm certainly feeling different from yesterday. Everything seems a bit hazy although I don't really feel hungry. So we'll see how it pans out.

I hope people read this diary and can relate to it, and I hope people will get involved and maybe give me tips on where I'm going right/wrong. I'm really hoping to get to my goal weight for the beginning of February and move into the cruise/consolidation phase for a few weeks before my holiday. If anyone else is in a similar situation then maybe we can help each other!

I'll continue to post each day, please feel free to join in :family2:
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67 Days to go!

Weighed in this morning and I'm another 1lb down so thats 4lb in two days. Got the boyfriend to weigh in too as he's also dukaning and he too is 4lb down!

It was my first day back at work yesterday and I did find it more difficult. I was seriously hungry by 4pm and feeling sleepy. I didn't actually have that much to eat during the day so I've brought an 'In case of emergency' stash of ham. The boyfriend still had the energy to go to the gym which I couldn't quite understand as I was ready for a nap. Resisted and took the dogs for a walk instead.

Todays food:

Breakfast: Oatbran Pancake
Snack: Muller light and a slice of ham
Dinner: 2 homemade beef burgers
Snack: Muller light
Tea: Tandoori chicken

Looking forward to tea! Yummy!

Everyone says the 3rd day is the worst, so I'm mentally prepared for that. If I do feel totally rubbish, it's only for today and I should be feeling fine for tomorrow. Also I'm having 2 litres of water per day plus tea and diet coke so the fluids are flowing nicely.

I'm really looking forward to a salad! A SALAD?! I must be mad, but it's true. I think this diet will really make me appreciate healthy food like salad and vegetables because they really are better than nothing at all. I'm beginning to plan Sundays PV day, I'm thinking of having an oatbran pancake with bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, Cajun chicken salad for dinner and a nice pot of stew for tea. Nom

Does anyone know if balsamic vinegar allowed for my salad?


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I was drooling at the veg in tesco today!! And like yourself trying to figure out what to have on my first pv day. Cannot wait.


And another pound bights the dust! that's 5lbs down in 3days. So happy! Just 1 stone to go!

I started to get the horrible dog breath yesterday, so had 4 mints throughout the day. I know I shouldn't have but I was at work so it wasn't like I could brush my teeth!

Today has been much better so far, really not as hungry at all. And I've discovered the more I think about Dukan, the more I think about food and the hungrier I get. Even writing this is making me think about food and making me feel like I need something bad! When I know I don't. I'm just keeping really busy with work, hence the late blog update.

Todays food:

Breakfast: Oatbran Pancake
Snack: Muller Light
Lunch: Tuna with dukan attack mayonaise
Snack: Muller Light and a slice of ham
Tea: Beef burgers with bacon

Only 2 more days left of attack!! Can't wait to munch into a big fat juice red pepper.


Beginning day 5 and I'm another pound down!

6lbs in 4 days is actually amazing. 10st7 is my skinniest weight and I'm only 7lbs away from that!! I'm really hoping to get under that weight by the end of january so i can move into phase 3 for the month of february and beginning of march.

And I'd just like to say, I went to Nandos yesterday with 5 others from work and all I ordered was a diet coke. I sat there and watched them eat, was offered chips and garlic bread and instantly declined. I actually found it really easy to say no. I've just been looking at my holiday pictures from when I was 10st7 and it's spurred me on even more to keep at it :)

Todays food:

Breakfast: Bacon, Scrambled Egg and an Oatbran Pancake
Dinner: Tandoori chicken with mint yoghurt
Snack: Muller light
Tea: Steak

Some really nice food on my menu today! Breakfast has left me stuffed so I'm hoping to have a later lunch so I can have my steak a bit later, would be nice to have a proper drink with it but I'll resist :)


Woohoo I'm in the cruise phase!! Best feeling ever :)

So in 6 days of attack I managed to shed 7lbs, I'm extremely impressed!

Sunday was my first day of PV so I had:

Breakfast: Oatbran pancake, scrambled egg, bacon
Lunch: Spicy butternut squash soup
Tea: Roast beef dinner (Beef, Veg and Stock)

I've never been so excited to eat a carrot, the soup was lovely. Did have a bit of an odd tummy feeling but I'm guessing that's because of the amount of veg I'd eaten.

I weighed this morning and I've gained 1lb, was half expecting this can anyone tell me if that's normal?

I've also started going to the gym now, did 45 mins at 630am this morning!

Today I'm back on a protein day:

Breakfast: Oatbran pancake and muller light
Snack: Ham
Lunch: Tuna dukan mayonnaise
Snack: Ham
Tea: Steak


Good luck for this week Lisa.

As you will be back home from sunning yourself in Cape Verde I will be on my way to Florida :D.

I'm sure you way your losing the lbs you will be at your target in no time.

Trace :)


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I've never been so excited to eat a carrot, the soup was lovely. Did have a bit of an odd tummy feeling but I'm guessing that's because of the amount of veg I'd eaten.

I weighed this morning and I've gained 1lb, was half expecting this can anyone tell me if that's normal?

Hey looby,

I've been on this diet too many times :) so can confirm that gaining 1lb on a pv day is par for the course....

you retain a little water from the veggies probably due to some trace extra sodium content...

same with totm for us ladies...another reason to gain a 1lb or so....

so yeah it's perfectly fine, you'll see it come right back off again as you alternate pp/pv days

hope this helps x


Thanks alottolose!

You were right, weighed this morning and that 1 lb has come back off.

I've decided to weigh every 3 days now as I know I can get disheartened if I don't see a loss when I weigh, by weighing every 3 days I should see something right?

I think my body shape is beginning to catch up with the loss now, I noticed a lot slimmer frame in the mirror this morning and it made an excellent start to my day!

I'll be going to pilates tonight too, trying for 4 hours of exercise a week alongside walking the dogs.

Today I'm on a PV day:

Breakfast: Oatbran pancake (I love these things)!
Lunch: Spicy Butternut Squash Soup & Muller light
Snack: Ham & Muller light
Tea: Chicken Stirfry

I couldn't find a stirfry sauce anywhere! So I've had to buy one of the blue dragon ones in a packet. I know this won't be allowed but I'm stuck with a dry stirfry otherwise. I'd rather enjoy it with a little bit of something naughty than eat a meal that tastes totally bland and leaves me wanting something more. Or so I'm telling myself :)


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i use a little bit of light soy for stirfrys or a little bit of stock ;) watch your lunches when its soup... no protein there ??


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Maybe try using a little of the tolerated cornflour in some low fat stock....a little soy sauce/oyster sauce....

probably would use a couple of tolerateds....but would be better than the packet mix xx


I haven't read anywhere that I need to have protein with every meal when on a PV day? That's why I've had soup on it's own?

Day 10.. 7.5lbs down

The losses really are slowing down now, it's a bit discouraging but I'm sticking with it, I have 19 days left on phase 2 so i'd love to be able to lose another 5lbs by the end of January. I've been to the gym, pilates and body conditioning so far this week and i'm going to go for a long walk this evening.

Just ordered a new dress for a party at the beginning of february, nothing like i would usually buy. it's a short blue body con dress so it will be really figure hugging and won't look good with a belly! so it best be gone!

Todays food:
Breakfast: Oatbran pancake, bacon and scrambled eggs
Dinner: Cajun chicken salad
Snack: Muller light
Tea: Bolognese

Also.. I've noticed a side effect. My left eye keeps twitching!! I've had a look online and this is mainly caused by lack of sleep, stress and poor diet. I'm sleeping loads and pretty much stress free at the moment so I'm guessing it's the lack of any pasta/potatoes/rice/crisps/chocolate - the foods i used to survive on! Thankfully it's not really noticeable when it happens, but it is a bit awkward if I'm speaking to someone at work and my eye starts going crazy!


I think I'm struggling today, not for any specific meal but for crisps and chocolate :( It may be because i've been to the gym already this morning and that tends to make me hungry.

I'm going to the pantomime tonight and I can't believe I'm not going to be able to have any sweets! ah well.. 18 days to go now until I'm on consolidation. Just got to keep at it. My boyfriend has been an absolute star and without him I highly doubt I would still be continuing. Every time I've said, ooh I fancy some crisps/chocolate he's stopped me and I'm really grateful! This isn't something that you can easily do alone. I honestly don't know how anyone could do the cruise phase for months and months. I found the attack phase really easy, possibly because I saw such a huge loss really quickly. Now that I've not really lost anything for almost a week I'm lacking in motivation.

Please can someone tell me if the losses will pick up again? I don't mean a loss every day but 2lb a week would be perfect. It feels like a lot of restrictions when I'm not losing anything and it's getting me down.

Also (tmi) I've not been to the toilet for 5 days now! I'd have thought the veg would have helped but nope. Is there anything I can do?

Todays food:
Breakfast: Oatbran pancake & muller light
Lunch: Tuna
Tea: Yoghurt Chicken


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ice cold water first thing in morning can help, strong black coffee, Rhubarb, a spoonfull of wheatbran


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Yep I had to go down the senna route last nite lol... Rhubarb is rare round these parts lol