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Stupid is....


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No :D
Stupid is, getting out of your car, taking your stuff and when you want to lock the door you realise you don't have the keys, dig in your extra large handbag and then notice the car is still working


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Tee hee :D Stupid is also wondering why the tea bag won't brew, and then sitting down to a cold cup of tea because you'd forgotten to boil the kettle...

Or pompously telling your husband that the 1996 plane crash near the beach in Comoros was bound to crash since it was being flown by "hitch hikers"... :eek:


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Stupid is putting the kettle in the fridge and wondering why the milk jug hasn't boiled


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Stupid is.. deciding to declutter, going to buy boxes to be more organised and ending up with even more clutter:D

on the same subject.. I found more than 200 candles at home, so decided to use, day and night.. and went out to buy more candles because I am running out. :rolleyes:

Decluttering is still in progress:8855:
Stupid was today thinking MrR had come home early after 10 mins of waiting for him to come through the door stupid me remembered he has a new car, the daft thing is i've now got his previous car and been driving it for 3 days!!!


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Stupid is, whisking egg whites for ever, waiting for peaks and the realizing it was lemon juice i'd been whisking!!


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Stupid is mixing up fancy new conditioner with fancy new toothpaste and wondering why your hair is dry and minty fresh! Doh! :/


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And stupid is also trying to pay for your food shop with a library card :eek:


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And stupid is sitting in the passenger seat of the car - only to realise your driving yourself home! Doh....


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LOL..i love this thread!!!


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Stupid is...Going to the VUE cinema with your boyfriend, then getting offended when they wont take your loyalty card....(ODEON loyalty card)
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Oh god....where do I start! Stupid is:

  • Putting your 2-week old iPhone on top of the laundry basket as you carry it downstairs rather than carrying it in your hand and risking a drop.....then wondering where you've put the iPhone and slowly realising it went into the washing machine with the laundry.
  • Standing in the middle of Tesco's carpark swearing to myself because the remote key fob isn't working...then after 5 minutes of increasing panic realising that it's not my car.
  • Freshening up the carpets (I have a dog) with Shake-n-Vac and thinking "Funny, this one doesn't smell much", then realising you've been shaking ant powder everywhere.
  • The classic....realising you've not defrosted the Turkey....at 11am Christmas Day.
  • Having a screaming argument with the reception of a hotel you're booked into about why they haven't got a room for you....then realising it was a different hotel you were booked into that trip.
..and possibly my worst...

  • Going for a romantic weekend to a country house hotel, accidentally dropping the latch to your room door so you're locked out and having to get the Hotel Manager to climb in your room's open window whilst you and your boyfriend wait outside the door....then you both realise at about the same time that you have erm...some 'adult toys' left in full view on the bed. :eek::eek:

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