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stupid mango clothes


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Sorry in advance as this is a rant .... i was enjoying a quiet walk around the shops minding my own business when i had a wander into mango, now i am an easy size 14 i worked hard to get here i work hard to maintain it and i am happy enough although my goal is a ten i dont have problems buying clothes and i think 14 is a nice attainable size that usually has a decent healthy bmi (nb my boobs were never a ten even when i was an 8 so i have no chance of ever owning a 10 shirt) i was wandering around and i looked for a jumper in my size obviously i thought i might be a medium to large as large in most mainstream shops is 16-18 oh no.... a large in mango is a 12 which would make a 14 XL am i just being morky or is it mango being a little mean with there sizing only i feel totally dejected and didnt eat my dinner i was so fed up.
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Really don't worry hun, mago are a european company and their sizes are always small. I am currently a 14 and would not even entertain going into mango at the mo. don't worry it's mango not you!!!
very true!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i am still narked though lol i have at least another stone and a half until i am a LARGE LOL
Hahhah...awww Hun...I cant wait to be a size 14 and its a healthy size to be at. I have never heard of Mango (not really up to date with clothes manufacturers etc as I shy away from fashion as much as I can!), but I wouldt let it bother you...as the others have said..they've lost a sale and their clothes must be made for people that are paper thin!!!
Mango is sized for Spanish skinny minnies! I am a 12 and still can never find anything to fit in there. Similarly, Zara also gives me endless grief, so I tend to avoid both of them (unless it's for jumpers, which Zara is good for cheapy but nice ones).

Ignore it. Move on. Plenty of pretty shops with proper sizing!
Similarly, Zara also gives me endless grief, so I tend to avoid both of them (unless it's for jumpers, which Zara is good for cheapy but nice ones).
Arrghhhh - i love Zara but i have so much grief with the sizing in there. You can pick up 2 skirts of 2 pairs of pants in a different style and lets say thet are both a 12 - one will fit and one wont!! It makes me :mad::mad::mad:

Primark is the same on the size front - its uber annoying :sigh:
Listen to what Hellie says! Mango sells their clothes primarily in Spain, where (commercially) everyone is considered small. A colleague of mine is from Spain and struggles to get 32D bras at home, so hopefully that's an indication of what sizing is like over there.

Move on and avoid these types of shops in future if you don't like the way they label their wares! Personally I have everything from size 8 to size 16-18 clothes, all of which fit perfectly right now. No-one else sees the size, so why should I care if it looks good.
mango and zara......infuriating!
I love the way their trousers are all about six foot long too.
Like lots of Spanish girls are that tall!

I think they are good shops for inspiration but I'm a strapping lass and probably always will be and I don't think Mango and Zara take my child-bearing hips and fine broad frame into account at all!
Completely agree with the others but it doesn't make you feel better does it! I have a Duck and Cover top which I love, I'm a 12, the top is a Large. I hate it, I'm not a large. Grr.

Still, it makes me grumpy and I know exactly how you feel hun. xx
I'm a 12 - I know I'm not a large, but I still instinctively pick up a large to take into the changing rooms wherever I go. Even in GAP! Now there's a place to go to make you feel better about yourself...especially if you look at the American sizing instead of the UK. Ooh why YES, I AM and 8! LOL!
I think sizes differ in whatever shop you go in. I find for my shape Dorothy Perkins and Next fit me really well, yet the same size in somewhere like River Island is smaller.


Nojo on the YoYo
Mango, Jane Norman, Zara, American Apparel, bloody Twigletoriums the lot of them. They can all bugger off. I am happy being a very comfortable Dotty P 16 at the moment.

If you want to save up for something swish to celebrate your weight loss, go to LK Bennett or Hobbs, 16 is a 16 in those places, and their clothes are tres swish and tres lovely.


Nojo on the YoYo
Hehe I coined it specially for my little 21 year old sister, who is a natural size 6-8 with proper girl hips, boobs and a bum. The brat! :p


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
oh my god my sis is a twig too but still manages to have boobs and hips to be fair though she jogs about 20 mile a week and does assault course she is mental lol oh well stuff mango and zara then it doesn usually bother me but i just know no matter how much weight i lose i will always be a 12 due to my shoulders and boobs plus the fact i'm 5'9 i did eat ewhen i got in but it has spurred me on when i can finally find something to fit me in mango then i will be happy he he stupid spanish tiny people grrrrrrrr
Silly me - I wandered into this thread thinking it was about mango juice on clothes, ie stain removal!!!

I've never even heard of Mango as a manufacturer.....

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