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stupid question time again!!

Everyone here seems to have been doing WW for a while and knows it all inside out and I feel a bit silly keep asking questions and making myself look a bit of a newbie fool but I'm doing this at home and don't know anyone else to ask so please excuse my dumb questions!!

I'm drinking about 7 glasses of water a day (well OK yesterday was the first day but that's the plan for now on) but I wanted to know will the frequent trips to the loo start to reduce?!

I also wanted to know how soon roughly will I notice my appetit change, you know not being so hungry as I was?! I know it must be different for everyone but just wondered if it will be noticeable in days/weeks/months?!

I think I failed a little yesterday because I couldn't work out what points my meal was last night as they weren't in the book and I only ordered the points calulator yesterday... failure on day one doesn't seem a good start :cry:

Right off to sit in the newbie corner with the D hat on :D
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i was also wondering that about the water pinky as ive been on my diet for 11 days now and still need the loo every half hour!!!.... im ok with not feeling hungry but as with any diet you do begin to crave the things that you really shouldnt... like a big mac with fries.... lol
oooh naught naughty now you got me thinking about big mac and fries... hmm and a strawberry thick shake!!!! :)

Well I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one who's second home is the loo! Hopefully someone here can advise us!


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Hi pinky and nicnak - I have to admit, it does take a few weeks before your body can handle all the water you're drinking and adjusts your visits to the loo. In the meantime, why not look on it as more excercise???

As for hunger pangs, pinky, I really don't think you should be all that hungry. Have you tried making free veggie soup? Sometimes I find a warm drink is more satisfying than a drink of water - tea or coffee is a good idea.


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Hi Pinky :) I'm a newbie too, kind of. Last time I did Weight Watchers was about 10 years ago, so it feels like a new diet to me. Shame I'm not new to dieting mind lol. I did Slimming World about 5 years ago, and then stopped when pregnant with my second baby, and then did Lighter Life and Cambridge 2 and a bit years ago.

We'll get the hang of it in time, so will our bodies :D lol. I get hunger pangs too, but try to fill up on some very low point or free foods. The 0 point soup can be a bit of a life saver. I fell down badly yesterday and don't think that would've happened if I'd had a supply made up. I had made some up on the weekend, but ate it all! Will try and make more tomorrow I think.

I've been thinking about splashing out on the Weight Watchers kitchen scales to help with pointing meals, as same as you, I think I've made some mistakes. They look quite good as I think you can just put a meal or a portion on there, enter what's on the plate and it gives you the points total.

Really fancy a banana thick shake now! lol

I don't know what the 0 point soup is?! Could someone tell me please?!

I'm feeling frustrated because a lot of the meals I'm eating are not in the book and so I feel like I can't control what points I have had... thinking about giving up until my calculator arrives...

I had a healthy living tesco meal last night and it wasn't in the book... I feel quite so fed up with myself today because I can't work out my points... hoped my calculator would arrive today but nothing :(

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