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Ok, so we have been moving a lot of computers and machines around at work in order for people to move into their new building. Now they are in we have been given some chocolate as a thankyou for doing things so quick and so prompt.

The box has been open and is sat between me and my colleague. They have been tempting me I must admit. I have just reached in, found a toffee delux and unwrapped it. But, I couldnt bear to eat it and had to throw it away.

I feel so stupid, why wont my mind let me eat one chocolate? It seems so petty and childish, but I really couldnt. :(
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Hey hun,

Hope your ok?

I wish I could have a chocolate so close to me and not have that full urge to pop it in my mouth so personally I am proud of you :)

But sometimes its nice to just go for it and eat it isnt it, but I wouldnt be annoyed, have some fruit ;)
Shelz, its definitely not stupid. Very impressed. I couldn't so that, have chocolates so close and not eat them and choose 1 and still not eat it. I'm very proud of you. To me it shows that you've turned a corner and know what you can and cannot eat. The problem for me would be I know that I would not stop at 1 choccy and would eat loads, and so would be better of eating none. Do you think that's why you felt you couldn't even have 1, in case you couldn't stop. You made the right decision and so you should be feeling proud of yourself, not petty and childish. Well done to you and keep it up.


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I think being able to have chocolate and not go overboard is much more difficult than not having any. If you're able to control your intake, I think then you'll really have turned a page. Maybe you could see it as a new challenge?


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so today they have gotten the better of me. I have had about 12 chocolates. A mixture of fudge, soft centres and solid chocolate.

Bran Flakes for breakfast (30g dry), apple, salad and a yogurt for lunch and these chocolates this afternoon. For tea I have a cottage pie with mixed vegetables. I plan to do the Hannah Waterman DVD tonight again (3rd night in a row), so I am hoping there will not be too much damage done from the chocolates.

I am still not weighing til the end of the month, so I have plenty of time to make up for them. I feel guilty, extremely guilty. Still part of me is thinking this little binge might start my weight loss off again. This is why I dont eat chocolate. No more.

x Nee x

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Dont worry hun, maybe you needed to have a binge to then realise its not worth it

Just think its done now, and you dont need to do it again :)

If you wanna chat PM me


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Shelz, don't worry about it. A few choccy's now and then wont cause any major concern. Its done now...as long as it's not an every day occurrence, you'll be fine.

Hope you enjoy your DVD - sounds like fun!



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I know I said I wouldnt but I jsut had to. The guilt got to me a little too much to resist. Today I weigh 9 Stone 1. RESULT! :)
I know I said I wouldnt but I jsut had to. The guilt got to me a little too much to resist. Today I weigh 9 Stone 1. RESULT! :)
Excellent hun :) Thats soooo good xxxx
Not too bad, I just wanna get to monday to see what I have lost, been really good tho, but had a baguette for dinner last night oops

U ok today?

Hey Shelz,

Just nipping by to see how you are? xx
aw yeah thats a pity but great news about the weigh in!! think i'm the same there:( at xmas, there are loads of sweets going round and i won't take any for ages and then i just crumble and pig into them. instead of having one or two with everyone else? dunno why that is, i suppose it shows we are trying;)

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