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My consultant gave me the SE booklet on Wednesday as ive slowed down now and I've only for just over half a stone left to loose now. I haven't done it this week due to things and meals I had planned out but intend to do it next week.

I get the ratios (2/3 superfree 1/3 free, extra HeA and HEB, snacks superfree and higher syn value) what I'm struggling with is meal planning. I've searched on here and a lot of the threads seem to be related to red and green plans so people r talking about eggs and quorn as superfree in meals which doesn't count on extra easy. There's also a thread about breakfast which confuses me where someone has had toast & scrambled egg for brekky but it doesn't count as the meal used a HE and free foods but no superfree!! I'm quite baffled!!!

I'm going to do success express on an extra east basis as that's what I normally do and I don't understand red and green.

My ideas were to have my usual porridge made with water and syrup (synned) or sweetner & a banana (superfree) prob soup or salad and jacket with tuna for lunch with the salas being the main feature followed by a mullerlight and more fruit for snaking. Dinner ideas were Lasagne but with lots of extra veggies in (courgette aubergines carrots Tomatoes etc) with salad; lemon roasted chicken prices and roast veg (Inc potatoes) with boiled greens, chilli -made similar to the Lasagne, and veggie and bacon frittatas with salad.

Does this all sound right? Can someone check this and correct me, give me done ideas and check the breakfast thing please?

Thanks guys!! I know your all an intelligent and informative bunch lol x
It used to be that eggs and quorn were superfree on all plans so often SE menus on here will relate to that.

Sounds like you have some good ideas, i would add another piece of fruit to your porridge breakast if i were you

Then just increase your veggie/ fruit portion at every meal. You can snack on superfree and dairy and quorn ... so you can have yogurts as a snack too.
I'd say...big fruit salad with muller light yoghurt breakfast (at least 3 peices of fruit), lunch tuna salad or a superfree soup like carrot and swede, dinner I would go for something like chicken stir fry without the noodles just with lots of onion, peppers and mushrooms or roast beef with carrot and swede mash and brocolli and cauliflower. Maybe have some bread for hxB with soup for lunch and hxA milk throughout the day. Keep using your syns and take the higher value. Snacks obviously just superfree so mainly fruit!

Hope this helps!
So if snacks have to be superfree does that mean no choccy for a week :eek:
Snack are to be superfree, HEx or syns, so no yog or cottage cheese as snacks.
So, if I had say a tuna salad for lunch followed by a vanialla mullerlight on top of chopped strawberries that wouldn't work.

See I'm being a bit thick with some bits of it lol.
I get the 3 meals and the ratios and the extra HE's just the syns and snacks bit is confusing me, cos my syn are my snacks, unless i have fruit.
Snacks are fine to be synned but the mullerlight on strawbs doesn't count as starters and desserts must be superfree... So just plain strawbs for pud. Otherwise that sounds fine.
Sorry Shrimpy lol, think I'm getting there, I'm just want to get it right so I can truely see what losses I can get.

I'm going to write up a diary and go through it with my consultant, then I can post it up here if anyone else finds the same problem lol.

A lot of people sem to have done SE on here as red and green but I'm sure theres people on EE who want to or have done it.
I have done it as EE, cause I almost exclusively do EE. I just have a small portion of what I would normally have and max out the veggies!

So, for example, tomato pasta dinner would contain 8 cherry toms, 1 whole onion, 2 celery sticks, 1/2 a red pepper, some grated carrot, a handful of mushies and a small amount of pasta stirrred through (maybe about 2oz). I would then have a side salad with it. :)
Ahh clever!! So you'd miss out the meat (say mince) Guess it would be hard to have mince and pasta (protein and carbs) plus 2/3 of veggies!!

When I've searched posts for SE they all tlak about quorn and eggs as I said so assumed many poele hadn't done it this way.

Is there any chance you could post a example week of what you ate for me? I know I'm being cheeky but its going to take some thinking!
Not if I was having spag or something, I'd just use less Mince! :)

I'll see if I can find my food diary for that week!
Ok, found one of the last time I did SE, here's a random saturday.

Breakfast: 1 slice Cinnamon French toast (0.5 HexB,1 egg) with a mountain of berries
Snack: apple and kiwi
Lunch: Small baked potato with tuna, huge salad and pineapple and 2 mandarins
Snack: Alpen light (0.5 HexB)
Dinner: Prawn (small handful) Stir fry (whole packet of veggies) with noodles (half of one of the noodle nests) with a cadbury Light mousse for dessert (3.0 syns)
Snacks: Fruit (mixed berries) & cadbury crunchie treatsize bar (4.0syns)
HexA was milk used for coffees and last 3 syns went on mini flumps and mikado. :)

Hope that gives you an idea. :)
Yes that's great thanks.
Looks like salads soups and stir frys will b my friend this week. My OH is on nights so I'm just cooking for me this week so a better week to do it really as I can eat all that quite happily.
Having two healthy extras will be nice as I struggle to get my hi-fi bars in when I have cereals and I really like them lol.

Thanks for you help. I'll post back in a week and a half (weigh in is Wednesday so I'll start Thursday morning but planning in plenty of time) to see how I did!
Cool, good luck and let me know how you've done! :)
Shrimpy, would tea/coffee have to be synned as it's technically a 'snack', as it's outside the 3 meals but only free not superfree?
I've just had this for tea and wondered if this may count as a success express meal?


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Yeah, DEF! Loads of yummy salad!