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Success stories?

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by CURVYlicious, 18 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Well-Known Member

    Hi All !!
    Just starting out on MFP (My fitness pal calorie counting app) eating healthy and flexible and aiming to eat clean mostly. Just wondering what sort of success you guys are having on calorie counting? I started out on Slimming World, did well but now looking for some more flexibilty so here I am to give CC a go!
    Any tips and success stories would be a great start! I have 50 lbs or so to lose, 3 and half stone=) my 26th Birthday in October would really like to be there more or less!! X
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  3. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Well-Known Member

    Hiya! I love calorie counting, it's ideal for me. I've lost 10 stone. Good luck! :) xx
  4. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    You can't get much better a success story than Tracy!
  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Well-Known Member

    Aww, thanks hon! Still finding it hard to think of myself in those terms, lol, feel I need to keep it off for a few years first!! :) xx
  6. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Well-Known Member

    Oh thats fab! :) I am really worried, id like to lose 2 stone in the next 4 months for a holiday. Really worried about not getting there! Argh! X

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  7. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :)

    Two stone in four months is a really achievable target, very sensible. Just make sure you keep your daily calories high enough to be able to keep it up, and you'll do great! :) xx
  8. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Well-Known Member

    OH Thank U Tracy! I really do hope i get that 2 stone off !! I am so worried and i end up worrying so much that i fall off the wagon!! But i am determind now. My calorie intake is 1430 based on my weight and height and light excercises in the week (because other than the excercises im currently at home and not that generally active!) And aiming to lose around 1.5 to 2lb a week which gives me 1430..so i hopeeee fingers crossed that it worrrrks eeeek!!!:(

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  9. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Well-Known Member

    1,430 sounds pretty sensible. I don't exercise at all, and have never gone below around 1,300-1,400, even after dropping my calories after losing a lot. I just find 1,200 too low! :) xx
  10. systema

    systema Well-Known Member

    I lost about 5st and 5lbs with Calorie Counting in 2000 and kept it off until last year when I had a small accident which stopped me from going to the gym etc and sat on my backside eating cheese sandwiches and drinking wine and 1st has appeared from nowhere.
    So - back to CC to get rid of it.
  11. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Well-Known Member

    Oh wow!!! Amazing loss hun and only 1st gain is really Ok! So sorry to hear about your accident x i hope your truly on the mend!! Xx hugs xx
    How long did it take you to lose the 5 st and how was u with excercise?

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  12. systema

    systema Well-Known Member

    I weighed what you do now. I messed about half heartedly for a while then decided to get my act together so all in all about a year. I lost between nothing and 3lbs a week - there was no pattern to it really but like TracyG said your target is very do-able.
    I started again last Tuesday and at weigh in today I lost 4lbs but don't expect half of that next week unless I work really hard. I go to 2 exercise classes and 2 aqua classes a week and walk as far as I can.
    Good Luck with it - for me it is far easier to loose weight with CC than SW Green Days - too much free food and I ate it all. :)
    Last edited: 25 March 2014

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