Sucrose in panadol max

Slim at heart

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Just wondering if this is ok?
I suffer from headaches & regular migraines & prefer to take panadol in the soluble form as it's quicker working & kinder to my stomach!
Hi i do not take panadol but i do take Migraleve when i get migraines if i need them. I have to say i tend to put on a couple of pounds for a few days then it goes. They contain Paracrtamol, codine phosospate, Buclizine hydrochloride, magnesium stearate, colloidal anhydrous silica, stearic acid, pregelatinised mize starch, gelatin, hypromellose, macrogol and aluminium oxide. I try Nuofen plus first as these dont tend to affect my lose at all. The way i look at is do i really want to go through the symptoms of a migraine or just slow my weight loss for a couple of days?
Sorry i cant be more helpfull
My contraceptive pills are sugar coated but I need them otherwise I would see a MASSIVE weight gain!
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Twenty- I too have to take Migraleve at least once a month & a whole lot of other things almost on a daily basis (brufen 600, codeine, ponstan, aulin etc etc) for this head of mine- I'm really hoping that doing the CD will sort that out for me too as I suspect it's quite a lot brought on by food alergies...
it could definately be brought on by food allergy, and even dehydration.

CD has helped me massivly, I rarely get a bad head, my skin is better and I dont get as many blind boils, I think I am very carb sensative!

Your doctor can prescribe migramax for migraine, some docs dont know about it but its bluddy good stuff.

I think when it comes to your health then you need to take what makes you better rather than worry about a slow loss, just till you are ok.
Thanks for the tip Vicky... will ask the doc for Migramax the next time... haven't really found anything that works yet... feel one coming on now...
Hi icanidothis!! the migramax (sp) is it a daily tablet or one you take if you get a migraine? How many do you get in a packet?
From my doctor if i get a bad migraine i have Maxalt melt which i find very good but i only get three in a pack so works out very expensive, i have to get time of work to go to the docs as well on top of that.