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Sugar free gum?

I'm on day 6 and would also like to know this :)
I've had the odd chewing gum, and it hasn't knocked me out of ketosis - I check everyday. I hope this is allowed!!
i was told not to, but ive only been on it for a week and a half so not in 'the know', hope someone can clarify for you.
i was going to ask the same, the bad breath is doing my nut in at the moment would just be nice to have minty breath without having to clean my teeth 5 or 6 times a day lol
I read somewhere that chewing gum can stimulate excess stomach acid and lead to you feeling very hungry as a result - not sure if this is true but I won't risk it!


Nearly a yummy Mummy
i have always used chewing gum but only chew for a very short time just to take the taste away. It has never knocked me out of ketosis. You can only chew for a short time though as it does make you feel hungry as your brain is teeling your stomach it is about to receive food xx

Hope this helps x
I chew sugar free gum every day, my CDC said it's not 'allowed' but shouldn't k me out of ketosis they just don't recommend it coz it stimulates stomach acid and can possibly make u feel hungry x

Never had any problems with it..go for it!

Deepak x

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
I wouldn't recommend it to my customers but only because it can make you feel hungry. However I do know that we have to get on with our lives and if you are in close contact with people all day you don't want bad breath. If you feel you need it then chew! Just don't keep it for ages or you might start to feel sick with the hunger
my CDC said its ok but only for a about 30 seconds then get rid and make sure its sugar free.

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