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Sugar free mints

Hi , I have a friend who has just started CD and she did well her first week but asked her CDC about what she could do for bad breath , and she told her she was allowed any sugar free mints , polos etc .. which she has been eating all week .. I only know this as she told me she feels like she is out of ketosis and eventually she mentioned the mints ... now tell me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that all mints are a huge NO NO and her CDC is very wrong .. have the rules changed without me knowing ???
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nope.... mints are a no no. even sugar free ones. any deviation in the diet could let to dropping out of ketosis. i do have some sugar free gum, i did this last time and found i was ok with it but i know that this is strictly not allowed either but i need to chew. when i first started cd on the old 790 plan i did eat gum and was 'allowed' to chew it at that time. each time i come back (3rd time now 790, ss and ss) things have dramatically changed. like last time there was a debate about coke zero and the results came out that we weren't to drink it. then there's the cooking of the packs. it's a nightmare.


and even though they are sugar free they are not calorie free!

Roughly 80 calories a tube for Polos. admittedly it depends how much she is eating but still thats 80 calories!

80cals a day, times 7 days - 560 cals a week
over 6 weeks thats an extra pound of weight.

I know it might not seem like much but anything that makes it a struggle isn't really worth it.

Tongue scraper, travel toothbrush and toothpaste are your friends!
You mentioned coke zero, what is the debate regarding coke zero and the other "zero" drinks, are they allowed on cambridge ss?


please try again
sorry omega the "zero" drinks arnt allowed until your higher up on the plans, they can interfere with ketosis and make you hungry
Ah well you can't miss what you never had, I'll just stick to my water then!


This is the last time!!
The first time I did CD there were lots of discussion ref Zero drinks....to be honest I wasn't even remotely tempted to have it as I knew it would trigger my other desires...you know how smokers say they can't have a drink without a cig? Well I can't have a pop without crisps.......it's a slippery slope to even deviate a teensy bit!
Plus pop has NO nutritional content whatsoever, water is the way ahead!
One of the best things I've seen so far apart from the weight loss is how nice my skin looks from drinking all this water!


please try again
omega if your after a bit of taste in your drinks then theres always the cambridge water flavorings

i have the sunshine orange in sparkling water of an evening as a change after having 3 litres + of plain water
Yeah I'm going to buy a pot of the orange flavour next weigh in and use it as a treat in the evenings lol.
what about mint mouthwash..like listerine?

Deepak x

Deepak x

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