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SugarPlum to TinkerBell ;-)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Through the stones to your zone' started by *SugarPlum*, 10 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member


    I really like the idea of the treads 'moving through the stones' but couldn't find a 23 to 22 thread.

    I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that was in a similar weight range?

    With such a huge weight loss needed, it would be motivational to chat to people in a similar position.

    Ps... Last week I would have needed a 24 to 23 category but I lost 7lb in my first week. :) xx
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  3. desperate2Bslim

    desperate2Bslim Reaching the goal

    Hi SugarPlum! I am here. How are you doing?
  4. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member


    I am doing really well thank you.

    I am very motivated and excited about my weight loss this time! :)

    Finding this site has been a godsend! Lol

    I am only in my 2nd week, so I know I have a rollercoaster ride ahead!!

    How are you doing?
  5. desperate2Bslim

    desperate2Bslim Reaching the goal

    Just fine. It's actually my weigh in day tomorrow. And i'm feeling excited and scared about it. Lol. I already lost pounds since I started on my plan. Working fine for me. And am getting good results. You said, you're on your second week? What was the result you're getting so far?
  6. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member

    I lost 7lb in my first week, I have my weigh in on a Saturday.

    I weighed myself this morning and I have lost another 3lb since Sat! :)

    So I have lost 10lb in 9 days so far! But I have an awful lot to loose, so I expect it to fall quite quickly at first, then slow down.

    How much have you lost so far? X
  7. louise1979

    louise1979 Full Member

    hi this is my 8th week , even though i have done really well for the first 7 i have really pigged out over the weekend so any motivation would be great for the kick up the backside today
    any ideas for today would be great
    thanx in advance
  8. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member

    Hi Louise,

    8 weeks.. Thats fab! I am only week 2, so still highly motivated and excited! Lol

    I have been drinking gallons of water, as I have read that it really helps. I am also excercising 3x week.

    Here is the naughty bit, that I know isn't really reccomended... I do like to weigh myself each day!! It just keeps me focused and motivated BUT I know that's not for everyone!

    How much have you lost so far? X
  9. louise1979

    louise1979 Full Member

    hi ive lost 1 stone 4 pounds so far it hasnt really felt like i have had to try though i just was guilty when i ate everything over the weekend i am now back on track
  10. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member


    1st 4 is Fab!!!

    I want another big loss this week (7lb) I know I can't sustain that loss but I only really had half of last week at it. So I see this as my 'official' full week.

    I went for a long walk last night and came back sooo motivated!

    But this morning, I have woken up to full on tondilitus!! :-(

    I am worried it will ruin by week, as I can face anything to eat and certainly no exercise!! :-( sob... Sob...
  11. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    May I join you, Its my 3 week and my wi is on thurs, lost 7lb so far loads to lose :D, I do exercise on my wii 1hr aday and I love it, I am still highly motivated and excited about it all, I drink loads of water too.:)

    Jane x
  12. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member

    Hi Jane,

    You have done fab so far also... How much would you like to loose?

    I also very motivated this time, it's like something has finally clicked into place! Plus, I think this web site is AMAZING!!

    It's so nice to speak to people who really understand what your going through.

    Good luck for your WI on thur, my WI is Sat! :)

  13. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    I would love to lose 140lb:rolleyes: but hoping to do 70lb first never been past 70lb always seem to put it back on when I get to it, something must click in my head and say you need to put it back on again:mad:, I am motivated this time, like you, something has clicked with me this time, because I have type2 diabetes through the stress of my hubby becoming disabled thro a op going wrong.

    I have just started to jog around the island on my wii only got 1/4 of the way before i became knackered:cry: going to try again tomorrow:D.

    Its nice talking to other people who are in the same boat as to speak and know how we feel, this forum which is new to me, I have never been on a forum before is keeping me going, which is nice.:)

    Jane x
  14. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member

    Hi Jane,

    Sorry to hear about your Hubby, it sounds terrible what happened to him xxx

    I also have about 150lb to loose, seems like an unachievable amount but so many people on here have lost large amounts like this. :)

    I am being a bit naughty and weighing daily at the moment as it spurs me on. My official WI in day on Sat but so far this week I have lost 6lb, so I have 3 days to loose another pound and I will have lost a stone in 2 weeks :) :) :)

    I exercise on the Kinect, similar to the Wii but it's for x box. I am soooo unfit at the moment but I am hoping to improve week on week.

    I am determined to stay motivated this time but I know if I have a bad day, there are so many people on this site that will offer support & help.

  15. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Hubby collasped his kidney burst and they found a cyst as big as his fist, the operation went wrong, now he is diabled.
    He is my rock, we have been married for 30yrs and been going out with each other since I was 6yr and he was 7yrs old, childhood sweetheart.:D

    Went back jogging round the island on the wii today done 53% yesterday was 42% getting there, with my weight I am just taking each 1/2 stone off at a time so I don't get bored, I know now this forum will keep me focus if I feel down or have a bad day, so far my days have been really good.:)

    Jane x
  16. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member

    Awww... Going out since you were 7... That really is childhood sweethearts! :)

    My Hubby is behind me 100% and it's nice knowing I have his total support!

    I am still really ill with tonsillitis which is great for food (as I can't eat) but not good for excercise! :-(

    I am actually missing the excercise, only missed 2 days! Lol

    Alot of people talk about The 30 day Shred & say it's fab.. I think it may be a bit adventurous for me at the moment!! Lol
  17. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Sorry to hear you have tonsillitis, are you having plenty of soups or anything soft to eat :eat:.

    Its nice when your hubby or partner is 100% behind you and have there total support, my son and daughter are behind me aswell, my daughter rings up every morning and asks have you been on your wii yet mum and wants a running report on how I've done, which is nice, its keeps me going.:giggle:

    Get weighed tomorrow morning hope I've lossed:rolleyes:, tried 3 days on original days and 4 days on easy extra, which days are you on, have you ever changed days in the week.:)

    Jane x
  18. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member

    I do tend to mix my days but prob have more EE.

    I think I will change to more Red, if the weight loss slows down. At the moment I sticking with what I am doing, as it seems to be working! :)
  19. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Hi everyone got weighed today lost 3.5lb and got SOW, I am buzzing :whistle: making me 19st 6lb, I think doing 3 red days and 4 EE days must of worked.:)

    Jane x
  20. *SugarPlum*

    *SugarPlum* Gold Member

    Wow wow wow... Can't wait till I am In the 19's!!

    I have a long way to go though... LOL

  21. JaneB

    JaneB getting there slowly

    Thanks SugarPlum, went out and treated ourselves with cheese on toast for lunch :eating: with hubby, it was delicious especially since I haven't had cheddar cheese for a long time, but like a good girl I counted the syns.

    Has your tonsillitis gone now and are you feeling better.

    Jane x

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