Suggestions for new book....

What I would like to have as the January Book Club Read!

  • The Divide by Nicholas Evans

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Hello Everyone and thank you for the PM Cheb. I vote for the Time Travellers Wife cos I have it in the house and have been meaning to read it!
Love Matty


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Right have ordered all three books the Divide one looks good as well - So I'm good to go by next week


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Confession time - I got the Time Travellers Wife at the airport on Weds, couldn't wait to see if it was the one picked :eek:

Anyway - will save my thoughts until we discuss and now I'll try and pick up a piece of cake because I failed after about 100 pages LOL

Kitty xxx


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I did enjoy it, unfortunately we had a bit of a crappy holiday and I finished off that and one other in the evenings

Thinking back I'm sure BF and I could have found better ways to spend our evenings than reading! - what was I thinking LOL

Kitty xxx


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It's going for silly money on Ebay, so have given in and bought it from Amazon. Should be able to start reading it mid-week :)