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Sukibix Menu's

Hi all,

I started SW last Friday and to keep track of my menu plans, and for you lovelies to give me some help, I thought I would post on here.

I'm doing EE all this week as have London courses, when back to a normal working day I will go to Green I think, or may stick with EE pending WI.

I want to lose about 10 lbs to get me back to Goal, it's difficult at the mo to judge what's weight and what is swelling from a tummy tuck 11 weeks ago..grrr will take up to a year for all the swelling to go... So, onto

Extra Easy menu for today:

B - 2 x Shape FF yoghurt with Banana

L - Cous Cous, turkey salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, onion) Mullerlight, apple

S - Banana & apple

D - EL beef stirfry with stir fry veg and mushrooms, Egg noodles, soy sauce and chicken stock cube followed by;
Quark & Muller (vanilla) with chopped banana - frozen in ice cream maker

HE-A - 350 ml skimmed milk
HE-B - 2 x Alpen Light Bars

Syns - 2 - extra milk (skimmed)
- 8 - 4 x Light Rich Tea
TOTAL - 10 syns

Lots of water / NAS / 1 x Diet coke

How does that look!?

Thanks all x
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Today been in London all day so tried to make best choice at lunchtime, given lunch was provided;

EE Day:p

B - Muller Light & banana

S - Banana

L - Chilli marinated Coley, rice & salad, fruit salad for dessert

S - banana (have to cut down on banana's!)

D - Quorn and chilli pasta (with Quark) and stir fry veges, Muller Light

Syns : 2 x Alpen Light Bars = 6 syns

HE -A - 350 ml sk.mk
HE -B - Olive oil x 1 TBSP (counted for lunch as was oily rice!)

WI tomorrow night :rolleyes:

After this week I will be sticking to green days as I don't think I have lost anything with EE.

How's everyone else doing?

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Joined class tonight. Starting weight is 11 st 4.5 lb.
Not too bad, 11.5 lb to lose.

In London still so restricted with lunch we are given, but this is today's menu:-

Original Day

B - Muller Light & Banana

L - Chicken breast with salad, Fruit salad dessert

D - Chicken breast with salad (again), Muller Light Rhubarb


None! Not hungry today at all really hence chicken salad again

HE-A = Skimmed milk x 1
HE-A = Olive oil (counted for chicken at lunch)
HE-B = Alpen Bars x 2
HE -B = ?

Having my Alpen Bars as treats at 9 pm and nothing in the house to eat as a syn. I know not eating syns is bad - believe me I would eat them if I had something in the house :0(

Good day really food wise. Think my * week is coming as feel so bloated!

Here's to my first "official" week! x
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
You're diary looks ok to me Hun, considering you have limited availability around you!!
How was the tummy tuck if you dont mind me asking? I had a gastric band fitted 2 years ago.

Thanks guys!

Tummy tuck was / is well worth it! I had it 11 weeks ago so its still not the final product so to speak. I have my final check up on the 8th June.... hopefully by summer it will be nice and flat!

Today's original menu

(luckily last day of my course so now have choice and can plan!)

B - Weetabix (crushed) soaked overnight in Muller Light banana yoghurt, then chopped banana put on top this morning

S - Alpen Light bar

L - Lamb curry (2 x TBSP)*, salad - cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, then fresh fruit salad (melon,apple,orange, grapes)

S - Apple x 2

D - Mixed grill - Chicken breast, turkey rashers, mushrooms, tomatoes, egg
then Muller Rhubarb and quark with chopped banana - weird combo but yummy

HE-A - skimmed milk

HE-B - Olive Oil (lunch)
HE-B - 2 x Weetabix (brekkie)

Alpen Bar = 3
Go Ahead Crispy Fruit Slice (cherry one - tastes like cherry drop sweets hmmm) 2 x = 6
1 x tbsp Tomato & worcestershire sauce = 1
= 10

* I even asked how they cooked it - made with LF Greek yoghurt. To be safe I counted olive oil too as a HE-B

Will go off to Iceland tomr, somewhere I don't really go, to get lots of their chicken, I am going to do red all this week I think to try to get speedy loss ready for my bridesmaid debut next Friday!!

How's everyone else done today? xx
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Planning early today (altho I do plan a week ahead anyway) as off out tonight and will be busy, busy busy today having had no time to do anything the last week having been in London.

Original day

B 1 @ 6 am - Apple and Shape Yoghurt

B 2 @ 10 am (at dad's) - EL Bacon, egg, Mushrooms, tomatoes and 2x Wholemeal Bread (Quark as spread)

L - Tuna Salad, Muller light, apple

S - Banana

D - Chicken with wholewheat pasta & Quark, courgette and onion, with some salad; and then a Muller Light

Healthy Extra's -

HE - A = Skimmed milk

HE - B = 2 x Wholemeal bread at brekkie
HE - B = 100g cooked Wholewheat pasta at dinner


Brown Sauce - 1
2 x Alpen Light Bars - 6

Not too bad a day. I will be sticking to diet coke tonight as I am driving. Everyone else has ordered food except me! Have to fit into the dress!

Have a great weekend everyone xxx
Hello everyone,

Last night I stayed on plan - watched everyone eat burgers - and I had a tin of tuna when I got home! hmm not quite the same ey! I have to fit in the dress!!!

So, today is red again and will be:

Original Day

B - Ham Omlette

S - Apples

L - Tuna Nicoise Salad, Melon, Mullerlight

S - Apples

D - Lemon & Thyme Salmon, courgette, baby whole sweetcorn, carrotts, aubergine, and new potatoes

S - 2 X Alpen Bars

Healthy Extra's

HE -A = Skimmed Milk

HE-B = 198g New Potatoes (raw weight)
HE-B = 1 x Kellogs Fibre Plus Bar
Dark Chocolate & Almond (delicious!)

Syns - aka 9 pm snack time

2 x Aplen Light Bars - chocolate & fudge = 6

Can you tell I have a sweet tooth!

Have a great day everyone,
I am now half way through my WI Week, not sure whether I have lost anything as still feel so bloated and tubby:confused: - Thursday will tell I guess with WI. I haven't sneaky peaked this week yet which is a miracle, and so far I've never felt hungry. I have also stopped being obsessed with food and their points values!

Menu for today, and yep it's a red day!

Original / Red Menu:-

B - Homemade fruit salad and Muller Light
(melon, apple, strawberry)

L - Homemade Turkey Chilli Soup,
Egg & Ham salad,
Muller Light

S - Apple, Banana and Fibre Plus bar

D - Beanfeast Bolognese with Sainsbury's BGTY Cumberland Sausages (2 syns),
Melon and Quark

S - Weetabix Oaty Bar - white chocolate

Healthy Extra's included above already=

HE-A = Skimmed milk

HE-B = Fibre Plus Bar
HE-B = Weetabix Oaty Bar - white chocolate

Syns =

Uh oh!

Nothing to syn on, may nip to shop for a Mr Kipling Delightful Chocolate Slice @ 3.5 syns - If I do I will be having 2 slices for 7 syns! Such a devil hey!

Have a good one all,

Hi everyone!

Original day

B - Egg Sandwich*

S - Apple & Banana

L - Chicken Salad

D - Cheese Omlette & Chicken Salad
Muller Light with banana and Quark

S - Flake*

Healthy Extra's

HE -A Skimmed milk
HE -A 42g Leskol Cheese (on omlette)
HE -B - Wholemeal Bread x 2
HE -B - Weetabix Oaty Bar


Cadbury Flake (multipack) = 7

Not long now till official WI - Thursday evening. Still feel bloated. x
Hi Suki - menus are looking great, I'm going to copy. Just one point though, is the beanfeast free on on a red day? Just sounds very green-i-fied to me? Good luck for WI, remember to drink loads of water to get ready of bloatiness. Good luck x
Hi Suki - menus are looking great, I'm going to copy. Just one point though, is the beanfeast free on on a red day? Just sounds very green-i-fied to me? Good luck for WI, remember to drink loads of water to get ready of bloatiness. Good luck x
Hi Louise

Yup, according to the online syns it's free on all plans but only the Bolognese one. Presumably it's because quorn/tofu protein is free on both plans, and that's what Beanfeast is. Was quite tasty with a load of sausages thrown in! :D

I got through 2 litres of water today at my desk plus black coffee, diet coke, and tea. I'm used to drinking loads from WW.
Wish my * week would blooming hurry up, it's every 6 weeks at the moment since my op, don't know what's going on grrrr.

I have my brother over from America for my other brother's wedding at the moment but so far have stayed on track even with the yummy goodies I have asked him to bring me over! All sitting in the kitchen saying eat me!

Today's menu has been:-

Original day

B - Weetabix (HEB) soaked with boiling water, mixed with banana, sweetener and Muller Light Vanilla

L- Tikka Turkey with Salad, apple and a Rhubarb Muller Light

S - Weetabix Oaty Bar (HEB)

D - Turkey & Beef, brocolli, carrot, cabbage and leek with tsp horseradish and cranberry sauce (at Carvery and I think they added butter to the veg, so 4 syns added to be safe)

S - 3 x Go Ahead Fruit slices

Healthy Extra's

HE -A = Skimmed milk
HE -A = " "

HE -B = 2 X Weetabix - breakfast
HE -B = Weetabix Oaty Bar (white chocolate)


Horseradish -1
Cranberry Sauce - 1
Butter on veg - 4
Go Ahead slices x 3 - 9
= 15

WI tomorrow! x

hellloooo everyone,

out and about all day today and have been v.good, of course! First WI tonight so will keep you posted on that later, fingers crossed!

Original Day

B - 2 x Weetabix (HEB), softened with boiling water, with Muller Light stirred in and extra swettener

S - Weetabix Oaty Bar (HEB)

L - Fish Cobb Salad (smoked salmon & mackerel, prawns and king prawns) salad and a little marie rose sauce.

WI @ 7

D - Smoked Salmon with lemon, green beans, cauliflower, brocolli, carrot, baby corn on the cob. Dessert = fruit salad (Kiwi, grape, strawberries, blueberries, melon, banana) with FF Fromage Frais.

A - Flake

Healthy Extra's

HE-A - Skimmed Milk

HE-B - Weetabix @ brekkie
HE-B - Weetabix Oaty Bar - snack


Multipack Flake - 7

After the wedding tomorrow I am going to have a few extra easy days to "treat" myself to a few carbs!

And am going to eat the wedding meal too....

Catch you all later after WI x


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Well done with this week's weight loss (and your inspirational weight loss in general!) Bet you feel great!

Is it the wedding tomorrow? Have a lovely time :D
Well done with this week's weight loss (and your inspirational weight loss in general!) Bet you feel great!

Is it the wedding tomorrow? Have a lovely time :D
Hi Sally and thanks :D

yep the wedding is tomorrow afternoon and having just tried the dress on it now fits "normally" it's amazing what losing 3 lb can do.

I do feel good, but it's still really hard, maintaining is soooo much harder than losing hence I am back in the position of having to lose again. I know it's "only" 8.5 lb now but the less to go the harder it is grrrr.



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Wedding was good. Not too bad food wise but not good either! No tracking on Friday or yesterday but back on it from today.

Extra Easy Day today as parents round for lunch:

Extra Easy

B = Fruit Salad** and Quark

L = Luxury Fish Pie* with green salad,
Fruit salad and Quark with added vanilla bean

S = Weetabix Oaty Bar HE-B

D = As lunch to use up leftovers!

A = Flake multipack

Healthy Extra's

HE-A - Skimmed milk

HE-B - Weetabix oaty bar


Flake Multipack - 7
Coffee Mate - 3
Mackerel 28g - 1

Total = 11

* Luxury fish pie recipe from the SW mag, current issue, it's fab and well worth making even tho it may look at a lot of effort. Morrisons do a "fish pie" pack on their fresh fish counter - just had to syn the smoked mackerel but as there is only a tiny bit I synned it at 1 syn for 28g.

**fruit salad =
apple, banana, mango, kiwi, strawberries, melon and grapes

Let's hope by hopping straight back on plan that this weekend's wedding and birthday nosh doesn't effect the scales tooooo much!!!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their bank holiday weekend! xxx


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Typical bank holiday weather - rain, rain and rain!

Today's menu;-

Original - red day

B - Banana mullerlight with banana & blueberries

L - Turkey & egg salad,
banana mullerlight with banana

S - Kelloggs Fibre Plus Bar

D - Chicken breast with bacon, onion, tomato, cajun spices and sprinkled with cheese* with courgette, mushroom, green beans, peppers and baby corn
Fruit salad with FF Fromage Frais

S - 2 x WW chocolate Brownie slices**

Healthy Extra's

HE-A = Skimmed milk
HE-A = 42g Leskol cheese* @ Dinner

HE-B = Fibre Plus Bar
HE-B = ?


2 x WW belgian choc slices** = 9 syns

Asda had the Fibre Plus Bars on offer for £1 a box - bargain as everywhere else sells them for £1.99

Have a great day all! x

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