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please try again
lol hey leah, dont worry i stalked you last night when i saw your name pop up in another bit of the forum

geez its fast approaching 2 years since i saw you at the belfast meet, how you been hun?

i see your coming back too, you will be fine hun, ya know you can do it and youve the perfect reason, congratulations on ur up coming wedding! yay!

gotta ask, smell of cats feet? whats that all about, lol
Hahaha, I love cats feet. If they were clean I'd lick them :S

How's the little princess? Can't believe thats her all grown up :D

Two years is crazy!!! xxxx


please try again
yep shes 4 and a half now, she goes to a special school for the most severe kids. shes now diagnosed with diplegic cerebral palsy ( see the lovely purple plastic legs ) autism and severe learning difficultys but shes always happy and smiling

you would lick cats feet? oooookay step away from the crazy lady, lol
She's defo come on leaps and bounds though! Does she speak and walk at all? You must be so proud!! xx


please try again
im extatic leah, for a child i was told would never see age 2, walk or talk shes amazing. she can walk unaided in her own fashion, the splints keep her lower legs in a good position. she talks but has whats known as echolalia so its phrases shes heard adult say that she repeats, often completly out of context. she can sing all the words to many songs, its rather incoherant but its good to hear her

she was playing on the floor yesterday singing " i know jah jah bless me" over and over, was sooooo cute!
Wow that's just absolutely crazily fantastic news! I'm just open mouthed and so happy for you! Always knew she'd be a star, how can she not be with such a smile :)

so you on cd and on track eh?? Must be something in the water xxxx


please try again
am on cd but dont know about being on track, lol
am cutting out the coke zero this week after a 1lb loss last week