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Summer's Coming - YIKES!


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(I'm sorry if I'm flooding our board - it's my first evening of not eating junk in front of the tv - and I'm loving reading everyone's stories and I have SO many questions - so.... sorry!)

I want to know if I am alone in dreading the summer. Here in NYC the women are SO beautiful and dress so beautifully (a lot like my former home London) and you're literally walking amongst models as it's the fashion capital of the world.

It's springtime and I'm still wearing my jackets and long jumpers (to hide my grand old behind:eek:) even though it's getting too warm.

How do you guys deal with the weather getting warmer and having to shed the layers? I am really not looking forward to the 90s. :sigh:
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We have just come out of a scorcher of a summer down here, and it was achingly painful. Most of the girls and women down here are athletic and slim, and they all hang out in tiny shorts and dresses, spend time on the beach in skimpy swimsuits and walk around the city in fitted dresses and well cut suits. I spent most of the summer in very loose and baggy 3/4 trousers, and long tunic style tops to try and hide my bum and belly. Some days it was just so hot that all I could do was sit in the shade and wait for the coolness of the night. I just had to bite the bullet and wear what was comfortable for me.

We are now on our way into winter, and I hope that by the next time summer hits, I will be able to wear more fashionable and cooler clothes. I don't want to spend another summer hiding in the shade.


supposed to be working!
S: 11st6lb G: 8st8lb
thanks for that boo boo! I know its emotionally brutal isnt it? :(


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Sod the models, wear whats cool, and what you like, ok so they may be a little unflattering, but its only for now, this diet takes up a short time in your life, it will all be worth it when you supa slim - doesnt matter when that is whats important is to focus on you and your journey and start to enjoy getting slimmer and slimmer,


supposed to be working!
S: 11st6lb G: 8st8lb
Lol! I love your post Lin! Thank you! :)


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I'm heading to New York in November and I'm sort of dreading it - although I should be at goal by then, I still think that I'll be sneered off of Fifth Avenue, I just don't think I'll be good looking enough, crazy, I know!


supposed to be working!
S: 11st6lb G: 8st8lb
Yep, you're mad Hannah :)
You're lovely and you should know it.
I can tell you that November is the perfect time to be here - it's really festive because of Thanksgiving and Xmas and the city is all lit up and beautiful - it's my favourite time of the year here.
ALSO it will be nice and chilly so you can wear your layers if that works for you.
5th ave while wonderful, is a bit touristy and not that posh at all anymore. For the uber fashion vibe you can venture down to the SoHo shops. More indie fashion there and very hip!
Good luck on your journey!


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All the posts are welcome I think :), I am also new to the forum and it is a great inspiration I think, I also have lots of questions to post :).

About the summer. I am dreading finding something that fits. I have a black pair of 3/4 pants that I will probably wear every day, then t-shirts to that. Oh well, I will try to focus on the diet and to loose weight, and then look forward to the next summer with all the beutiful clothes I will wear :).

I am a bit worrid about keeping the diet though. There are more social events in the summer, and I can't bring the blender to them. And how about vaccation? I only have two weeks this summer, and we plan to take a road trip. I can't do shakes there too. What to do? Just make as good choices as I can? Or completly take a break?

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