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Summer's weight loss journey - one day at a time

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Summer86, 27 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    After reading other people's diaries with interest, I felt inspired to start my own. So here I am. I'm Summer, 26 and a half years old, live with my hubby and work full time as a nurse and study part time at uni. I've been overweight for as much of my life as I can remember, according to my mom my weight problems started as a young kid when I had to take high doses of steroids due to severe asthma. Over the years things have spiralled and I've tried several times (with mixed results) to lose weight. This time i'm determined will be the last time! I follow slimming world extra easy plan, going it alone from home. Starting weight this time was 13 stones 4.75lb on 02/01/2013. Currently at 12st 12.75lb.
    My plan is to update every evening with my rants, ramblings and what i've eaten and you are welcome to stop by and say hello, comment or ask questions :)
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  3. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    So today's food-

    B-total 0% yogurt, bannana, raspberries. 1 alpen light bar

    L-bacon, beans, mushrooms. Mullerlight Turkish delight

    D-poppadom (4syns) with onion salad and 2tsp mango chutney (1.5). Chicken rogan josh (6.5) and boiled rice.

    Snacks-apple, 2 satsumas, another alpen light, 4 mini fruit gums (1.5)

    Drinks-2 diet cokes, 2 mugs hot water and lemon, 3 cups tea, 2 coffee's with sweetener.

    Not really done 1/3 super free every meal but feel I've done ok!
  4. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Well today has been a pretty good day, it's been a busy one at work but that's helped me to stay on track!

    B - Original oats so simple, with 180ml skimmed milk (HXa+part of b) with raspberries and a banana

    L-Salad with pineapple cottage cheese (1.5) vanilla mullerlight, nectarine, 2 satsumas

    S - Pear, freddo bar (5), mint imperial (0.5)

    Dinner - roast pork, frylight roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots, 1 tbsp apple sauce (1), Gravy (1)

    S-treat size toffee crisp (5)

    Drinks - hot water and lemon, 2 coffee's with sweetener, 2 cups of tea, 2 glasses sugar free squash, diet coke

    Total-14 syns
    Last edited: 30 January 2013
  5. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Omg I'm so tired this morning. Was up until after 1 this morning doing the reference list for my essay-took forever! Then up again at 5.45 for the train to go to Uni. Was so busy yesterday I didn't post my food diary but I stayed on plan and had 13 Syns.

    Wednesday is my weigh day-2lb down this week which I'm happy with especially considering I are out twice although stayed on plan and stuck to 15 syns.

    So I'm off to Uni today, will update later with my food choices!
  6. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Not posted for a few days as I've been so busy! Wednesday and Thursday were really good food wise, yesterday not so. Stuck to the plan all day and had no syns as I knew I would need them all last night-went for Chinese with friends from work. I estimated what I ate and drank to be about 25 syns which isn't too bad I suppose!

    Today has also been busy, went to church to see a friend get married, was a beautiful day for it! Off to a concert tonight with my best mate so planning to cook dinner for us before we go out so we can try to stick to syns/points at the concert. My friend is doing WW so we decided on food that would be friendly to both plans.

    Hope anyone reading has a great weekend x
  7. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    You're doing really well, Summer. Best of luck!
  8. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Thank you Mandy :)
  9. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Had a really good weekend but it goes so fast!! Stuck to the plan other than Friday where I had a few too many Syns - hopefully that won't impact too much on my weight this week. That said its * week for me again so we shall see.

    Did my first green day today - had planned to do EE as usual but was so hungry ended up having extra A+B, anyway here is what I had:

    B-Bannana, 30g Allbran choc crunch (HXb), 100ml Skimmed milk (part HXa), coffee

    S-Satsuma, No added sugar squash

    L- Homemade tomato and red lentil soup, 60g wholemeal roll (HXb), vanilla mullerlight, grapes. Water

    S-nectarine, Tea, 2 mint imperials (1syn)

    D - Pasta, carbonara sauce (made with eggs and quark), 50g extra lean bacon (4 syns), with onions, mushrooms, garlic and some salad leaves.

    S- chocolate mint (3 syns)

    Please let me know if that doesn't look quite right, as I said it's my first time doing a green day :)
  10. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Not posted for a while as I keep a written food diary and been pretty busy. Yesterday was WI for me and was pleased with a loss of 2.25lb, that's 10.25 in 5 weeks. Have been sticking to the plan and keeping the syns in check so I'm hopeful for another loss nxt week-as long as the weekend doesn't lead me astray! I've got a week off nxt week with my hubby and we've got lots of stuff planned although its mostly boring things around the house that have been putting off!! Not sure how a week off work will tie in with the plan, I figure it could go really well as lots of time to plan and prepare and exercise but traditionally time off leads to nights out and eating out lots! Will keep you posted!!

    So today, normal EE day.

    B-all bran choc crunch (HXb) with muller Greek style coconut (0.5) and an apple

    L-cottage cheese salad with new potatoes, muller light Turkish delight, nectarine, grapes.

    S-plum, mini bag Cadbury buttons (4)

    D-will be chicken pasta with hxA cheese and veggies, poss some chorizo (2) in there too

    Not drank enough today so feeling quite headachey and dry, need to sort that!
  11. sprottifer

    sprottifer Member

    Hi Summer! Well done on the loss, great start!

    All I see when I look at your diary is veggies, you seem to have this slimming world thing down to a tee!

    Sounds like you have a busy lifestyle with being a nurse (I don't envy the crazy shifts!) plus studying at uni! What does your husband think of you doing Slimming World? Does he do it with you? My issue is that my boyfriend laughs whenever I mention losing weight or even eating healthily so it's sort of become something I don't talk about to him (we don't live together)! Daft really!

    Keep us updated :)
  12. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Thanks for reading-welcome to my diary! I've done SW before from a group but I wasn't as dedicated or into it as I am this time. Hubby is cool with me doing SW, he doesn't follow the plan but eats whatever I cook for dinner which is mostly something I've adapted to be SW friendly! He's very supportive because he knows how down I get about my weight.
    How are you getting on with your weight loss? What plan do you follow? I can't see anything on this app!
  13. sprottifer

    sprottifer Member

    I've literally not put anything on here yet, I'm at the very very VERY beginning of starting to really try my hardest to lose some weight! In the past I have had days where I eat nothing but a few vegetables and go mad down at the gym....then the next day I think "Ah sod it!" and go back to normal. To be honest I don't even know what I weigh at the moment, just that my favourite dress WON'T DO UP!

    I started a new job earlier in the year which was so laid back that I just sat at my desk and grazed on rubbish all day, I think this is where the problem lies! I'm not working there anymore (long boring story!) so I'm taking the opportunity to get fit and eat better, I have been trying to follow the plan for a week or so but I really need to invest in a set of scales so I can realistically know where I am, in my head I'm still 10 stone haha, definitely not!!!

    It's good that your husband is supportive, I think it's really important that people are behind you! I still live at home with my family and they're on my back now about not wanting to eat their takeaways and fry ups etc, it's really tough trying to convince everyone you're serious about it. I don't need them telling me I look fine, in fact I need the opposite!!

    Anyway Summer I have had a mini rant on your diary! Do you find Slimming World easy? I think I need to start measuring healthy extras as I just seem to guess!
  14. Tetris

    Tetris Gold Member

    Congrats on a solid start to SW, Summer! :) everything looks great on your diary and congrats in losing 10 pounds so quickly!

    Sprottifer- would definitely advise to weigh your Hex's and syns (where necessary), apparently a lot of people go wrong by guessing the amounts! And many go wrong by not having enough syns, try to have as many of the 15 as poss as that'll stop you going wrong like your previous veg binge followed by 'sod it'! syns really do help us stay on track :)

    Don't forget it's easy to have a fry up on Slimming World too :D when the household are having you can definitely join in! Just less of the butter and take the fat off the bacon! x
  15. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Thank you, good luck to you both on your weight loss journeys.

    Feeling pretty down today, I'm not sure why I think it's a combination of horrible weather forecast for my week off and knowing I'd rather be spending it away doing something exciting! Instead we are being sensible and taking the time to do jobs around the house that have needed attention for a while.

    Can't really be bothered to post what I've eaten but I'm sticking with my paper diary and following the plan. Yesterday I went over by about 8 syns when hubby and I went out for an Indian. I wouldn't mind but it was on stupid stuff like the chocolate and biscuit that came with my coffee and the free baileys they gave us with the bill! Anyway, drawn a line under it and moving on.
  16. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    I'm having such a boring week off! Genuinely wish I was at work!!

    Well I lost 3/4 of a lb this week which was a little disappointing. Have been trying really hard since WI on weds but still managed 17 syns yesterday (miserable valentines day I *had* to have a large glass of red wine despite having a pot of chocolate mouse).

    However today by husband I think feels guilted about not getting me a card yesterday as all my friends have covered their Facebooks in pictures of roses, cards, teddy bears, meals etc. and wants to take me to lunch. This of course makes sticking to plan and trying to be saintly really hard.

    Meh. Onwards and upwards (let's hope the scales are going down!)
  17. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Oh dear! Have messed up today...

    B-30g alpen golden crunch, ff natural yogurt, strawberries, bannana.

    L-at Jamie's Italian. Tuna pasta, green salad with drizzle of mint yogurt dressing, 1 glass prosecco. Coffee, 1 choc truffle. Slice of carrot cake.

    D-probably some fruit!

    NO idea how many syns :-/ walked about 30 mins and going bowling tonight so that'll be a bit of exercise too.
  18. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Well yesterday was pretty good, tried to undo the day before with Zumba and lots of water!

    B-2 alpen lights, bannana

    L-jacket potato, beans, 20g reduced fat cheddar (1/2 hxA) salad, nectarine, muller Greek (0.5)

    S-shortbread (6)

    D-fanta chicken with rice, lots of peppers, mushrooms, carrots, fresh pineapple

    S-animal biscuits (4) highlights (2)

    Drinks-water, diet coke, tea (1/2 hxA milk)

    Total syns-12.5

    Today planning another EE day and lots of super free but will post later.
  19. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    So yesterday-

    B-shredded wheat honey nut and 100ml skimmed milk.

    S-satsuma, choccie biscuit (4)

    L-leek and potato soup, fresh pineapple, bannana. Kit kat (5.5).

    D-roast pork, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, leeks (1 syn for butter), gravey (1), apple sauce (1)

    Highlights (2), 1 mikado (0.5)

    Total 14.5
  20. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Well sneaky WI this morning was a STS, hope I can shift even half a lb by weds WI.

    Today was my first day back at work after a week off and was really busy playing catch up!

    B-shredded wheat honey nut and skimmed milk


    L-tomato and red lentil soup (homemade 0 syns!) satsuma, nectarine

    S-velvet crunch (4) mint imperials (1)

    D-chicken tagiene and cous cous (?2 syns for apricots as only had 2)
    Fruit salad, muller light Greek (0.5) wafer curl thing (2.5)

    Drinks-5 cups tea/coffee, 2 glasses NAS squash

    Total syns- 10.

    May have a highlights or a freedo bar whilst watching mad fat diary!
  21. Summer86

    Summer86 Silver Member

    Managed not to eat any chocolate last night so was just 10 syns. Just got back from body combat and want to sleep but I'm too hungry lol.

    B-all bran golden crunch and skimmed milk


    L-carrot and coriander soup. Apple. Muller light. Nectarine. Velvet crunch (4)

    S-2 satsumas, alpen light (3)

    Dinner will be pasta with a bacon, tomato and vegetable sauce.

    Drinks-4 cups tea and coffee, water, no added sugar squash

    Total syns-7 unless I need choccie after tea.

    WI tomorrow-not looking forward to it :(

    ETA-Syns now 15! Had a piece of garlic bread (4) highlights with sugar free marshmallows (3) and 2 mikado (1) oops lol
    Last edited: 19 February 2013

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