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sunday chit chat

hi all how you all doing? what you up to today?

i'm struggling at the mo seems to be wanting food all the time. i've slip up a couple of times so i asume i'm not in ketosis but i don't feel hungry just craving food.
i'm at work 11am-7pm today not looking forward to that then at work tommorrow night then i'm off till friday yay then i'm off next weekend to.
have a good day all
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im in the same boat as you i think, im not HUNGRY, i just want food, for the sake of it!!

its made me think about how many times a day i used to get up during the day to eat, pick, graze..god i was up and down all day just picking! but since ive started this and i know i cant eat, i seem to be 'bored' if you know what i mean, like i had nothing else to do except eat...

stick with it, you'll get there in the end and its worth it...
I know what you mean about wanting to eat for the sake of it, I was so bored yesterday as my boyfriend was away for the weekend and my parents are in Paris for a few days so it was just me and the dog! Last night I really wanted to just go and buy a load of food to 'keep me company' it sounds weird writing it down but that's exactly how I felt! I think eating when bored or on my own is really deep rooted, I remember doing it a lot when I was younger as I used to get up really early at weekends and everyone else would be asleep for maybe 3 hours more, I would eat rounds of toast whilst watching childrens tv! I didn't give in last night which I'm very happy about and feel a lot better this morning. Xxx
Morning all. Kids got themselves up this morning and got breakfast which was nice!!

I've set myself a challenge today... No picking at anything. I've fallen into a trap of having a small mouthful of a few bits of food during the day and I want to stop! I'm not hungry, I just miss the taste of food! But I'm within touching distance of my goal now and I want to do this so bad!

Going to take the kids swimming I think. Have a good day all xx
yeah know what you mean about getting loads of food in when you was on your own. i used to see it as a treat/comfort thing. when my dh was away for the night first thing i used to think about was getting snacks. now i think if i had a night to myself (not likely to happen these days with 2 kids one being a toddler) i'd have a long bath and do beauty stuff and watch a soppy movie and play computer games. if i was with the kids i'd probably play with them instead of put a film on and we all fill our faces.
i've noticed i'm been picking to till this week nothing other than what i'm allowed has touched my lips this week i have been taking crumbs of cakes having a odd choco button etc. i've took to smelling food at the mo lol.
Oh god I smell food too!!


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I can totally relate to you all, my wkds consisted of doing all my jobs Yalu g the dog out and then chilling in the sofa and of course that consisted of snacks and as it was the wkd why not treat myself to a take away as it's been ages since I last had one!! Yeah right maybe a fee weeks :)

Since starting CD it has made me think more about food and why I snack so much and why the weight had piled on.
I do struggle at the wkds I live on my own and the wkds are the worst, my CDC suggested doing more and going out more and I have to say this wkd has been great so far I have been out shopping done jibs in the house, out early today for hill walking with the dogs.
Tommorow is my weigh in (week 3) and then I'm off swimming in the afternoon so I can honestly say it's going good this wkd :)

I bought a dress yesterday in a size 16 and it's my incentive for this month to get into it :)


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I just went and sniffed the bread in Waitrose! (It wasn't very fresh today!)

I've just been to the gym and done another mile in the pool and had a good old scrub and sauna and steam and my legs feel really silky. Then I walked back and had a look at teas in Waitrose...my Twinings Lapsang Souchon isn't very good - so I was looking at getting a different brand/better quality one as I like the smoky flavour with my morning bars. Might get some decent Assam which tastes malty (but the good stuff in one serving silk sachets is £7.50 for about 25 cups...but if you way it up that's still wayyyy cheaper than buying tea out and it means I can have posh tea at rehearsals rather than just water. I'm off to rehearsal in a bit I think I'll walk cos it's just under 3 miles and there's no bus that goes straight there from my house so I'd end up walking from King's Cross anyway - just had my soup....going to do a bit more line learning with a cup of tea.

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