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Morning Everyone

ds had me up at 7am so we are sitting here watching cbeebies - stimulating stuff!

Anyway, last night i was naughty.......:mad: I was REALLY peckish (not hungry, just peckish and fancying something) and I ended up overdosing on the fruit again AND i had 4 treat size packs of bear jelly sweets!:eek: They weren't even that nice and this morning i have woken up with a stonking headache, probably from the suger overload.:(

Really annoyed with myself for letting those demons get the better of me. I only just stopped myself from raiding the choccie treat size box so i suppose i had a narrow escape.

New day, new start:) dh off today so hopefully will have a nice family day with ds.

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Morning JJJ

Up early too but only as I don't seem able to lie in anymore. I've got the in-laws visiting today so need to get my bum in gear and do a bit of cleaning but feeling really cold and am all snuggly on the sofa!

Looking on the positive side you stuck with fruit and chewy sweets and did manage to resist the chocolate. These slips are bound to happen as we adjust to new ways of eating so try not to let it get you down and just see it as part of the experience, you've done so well and this little blip is exactly that just a little blip.

Have a great day with the family.



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Morning all

I was up at 7 too - have to drive to heathrow today and theres horrible fog outside - was planning on meeting an old friend there for coffee as we are passing through at same time but have just seen his flight from LA is delayed so thats probably not going to happen now. I myself start standby duty for work at 3pm so could end up anywhere in the world over the next 48 hours - - i hate this -- - the not knowing stresses me out plus the fact that they beep me and give me only 45 mins notice to get ready for the car that picks us up! oh well ... no choice in the matter

at least locked in a hotel room ( one which doesnt have a mini bar) i cant really be tempted by anything naughty LIKE BEAR JELLIES lol

ohh i love them jodie lol and am quite sure that i wouldnt have stopped at 4 lol

am i a party pooper in thinking that fireworks should be banned after say 11pm? they drove me MAD last night with one really loud and lengthy banging session ( oh sounds rude ) starting on the stroke of midnight!

oh i must go shower and see if that will stop me moaning lol

have a good day all


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I was woken at 7am too by dd wanting breakfast! I guess she gave up on askeing and just came down and starting watching tv and hasn't mentioned breakfast since!! ds is up now so I'll go and sort it out soon!
I need to go to work to tidy a few things up this morning as I got called home to dd on Friday and I'm off on Monday and tuesday and my cover won't have a clue what's what if I leave my desk as it was on Friday!
Hi Georgie and Slushy

I bet those cats are all snuggled up with you as well Georgie?! I remember when my cat used to get on my lap and i just didnt have the heart to move her so i'd end up just sitting there for hours (well that was my excuse anyway:D)

Slushy - sounds exciting to me not to know where you might end up in 48 hours!!! where do you fly to mostly?

Morning Whoops!


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hi jodie
i do all long haul flights and its a scheduled full service airline so basically anywhere between from as you look at the map of the world from vancouver to sydney. i really dont care where i am going its just packing is hard - - i have to be packed for anything ranging from two days in new york ( winter ) to 9 days away in sydney ( summer )
anyway i am not complaining as i do love it really : )


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georgie how many cats do you have? i would love to have another but its too unfair on them when i am away so much
nothing in the world ( imho ) as comforting as when a cat snuggles up to you purring and doing that thing with their claws - - hmm lovely
good morning all,I ended up going to bed last night and taking my 10yr old dd with me!!!,she likes fireworks but the noise of them terrifies her badly!!!!I also had a cheat last night Jo, ihad a couple of small glasses of red wine,and a small bit of apple pie with 2 scoops of ice cream!!! oooppppsssslushy the job sound fantastic,only in my dreams do i travel all ver the world!! lol xx


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two scoops of ice cream sounds even more fantastic tara
i hope you enjoyed it lots: )
are you getting used to being 8 stone something? i bet your body FEELS different doesnt it?
fantastic job Slushy but hard work. Hope you find out where you are going soon hun! x

Oh dear Tara, there must have been something in the air last nite! lol Glad we both cheated at the same time:D I think we are hitting a "danger time" as we are so close that now that feeling of "well, just one wont hurt too much" is starting to creep in! Its so annoying coz i thought i'd cracked it and i think that largely i have but i suppose it will always rear its ugly head at times. It takes time to change a life long habit.


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can i ask what kind of eatng plan you intend to stay with once youre stable at target weight?
slushy have a look in our last half a stone challenge thread - we're just discussing it now!
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They are indeed all snuggled up with me JJJ, although hubby just got up, walked in and said breakfast and I've never seen them move so fast. I thought for one wonderful moment he was asking me!!!

We have four Slushy which sometimes means there is no space on the sofa for us but wouldn't be without them. I have always struggled with long haul flights as I get bored quickly and can't sleep but I suppose it must be different when you are working and you must get to see some wonderful places.

Whoops you are very conscientious, wished some of the people I worked with were as good as you!

Tara I think little slips will happen and we're not going to eat like saints for the rest of our lives. As long as its in moderation enjoy a little of what you fancy x

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Morning all

I def agree there was something in the air last night as I was pining for food from about 5pm although only being on Day 6 yesterday, I did resist!!!, but I don't blame you girls at all for succumbing, after all you are skinny minnies now!!!!, not like me:(

have a great day out jodie!, slushy, hope you end up going somewhere nice!!!, I'm at home with dd and ds today, dh is at work til 9 tonight, he has to work every alternate weekend and you can guarantee that his weekends on are always gorgeous weather and it's atrocious when he's at home

today is day 7 for me tho and this is a new record!!!! so I'm into unknown territory now, I did have a sneaky peek at the scales this morning even though tomorrow is my weight day as I couldn't resist and lets just say I was pleasantly surprised!!!


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Mornings guys

Hope you have a good day with the in-laws Georgie..

JJJ & Tara...blips happen and nothing to beat yourself up for, you both have done so well so a treat now and then in moderation is ok. Well done for stopping at the chocs tho Jo, not sure I would have done. lol

Have a great slushy, I'm so jealous would have loved a job like yours

Have a good day Whoops, don't go working too hard.

I have 2 clients today then need to pop to shop and then the day is mine.....Sun is shining again. Can't beleive Sun in November, will make the winter seem shorter I hope.

Just had first litre and my hot summer berry to get me going...will be popping in and out all day so catch you all later...
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For all you cat lovers, here's the gang!!

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
I'm afraid not as often as we should Maggie!! Hence they looking a bit like they've gone through a hedge backwards!

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
ooooh just had a thought, perhaps I should brush them and then I could do before and after's just like CD!



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Awwww they are gorgeous *curses evil student landlord who wont let us have a cat* What are they called Georgie?

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