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**Sunday** hour by hour


Stubborn tortoise
Sunny here too... the garden is calling! Looks like a jungle out there and I've been avoiding it for too long... today is the kind of day you really WANT to be outside.

Rayven, this thing is all about taking one day at a time, and today is clean and new and full of promise... make it 100% and enjoy it. Don't think about yesterday! Baby steps. We will get there!

Morning girls (and any boys reading) :)

Beautiful day here going to take the hounds for a nice long walk later.

As Katy says Rayven, today is another day don't dwell on what went before :gen126:

I'm splitting my daytime packs again today as it really helped me yesterday.

Good luck everyone :)

Annie x


Cambridge Consultant
Hey ..
its lovely and sunny here today too...... How nice is it . It makes everyone feel so much happier and brighter too..
After being up since 6am and the boys calling mummy every minute, done some cleaning.. just need to get ready and go out as we are going to go to Covent Garden today..

Good luck for today everyone for your 100% ..
Have fun and keep smiling as the sun is shining x


Stubborn tortoise
I really AM going into garden in a minute... hi, Lazy, what kind of hounds do you have? I have an elderly greyhound & a lurcher!



Stubborn tortoise
Hi Curly... Covent Garden!!! NOW I'm jealous!!!! Have a fab day.

Hey Katy, a fellow hound lover :D

I have a greyhound a saluki and a greyhound/saluki cross.

Not jealous of Covent Garden...... ok I am :eek:

Annie x
Thought I would jump in and say Good Morning to you all. I am going out in the garden to try and clean it up a bit, also have loads of washing! Am on day 7 and not feeling too bad, have managed to stay 100% which I am pleased about, first weigh in tomorrow :)
Hope you all enjoy your day xxxx


Stubborn tortoise
Annie, NEEEED to see pics of your hounds!!!! AWWWW!!!! Tell me all about them... or about the saluki & saluki/cross... they are so beautiful!!!


ARRRHHJJJ! I have NOTHING to wear. Thats a lie. I have clothes just none of them what I want to wear. Roll on 12st 5 when I fit into a 14 again.

So far just a black coffee. Then out for driving lesson. Home. 1st shake. Drink 1L of water, out to visit friends.

Take blender, jug and shake. Be prepared,


Silver Member
Morning all, day 3 for me on SS and been 100% so far. It's a lovely day up here too, OH watching the Gran Prix just now but think we might go out later.


Silver Member
Morning all (actually just noticed its now afternoon) Sorry to hear about your little slip up last night Rayven- stay strong and make today 100%. I'm sure you can do it.

Really chuffed with myself as I managed to keep 100% yesterday even though I had alot more cravings and hunger pangs than I expected on my first day. Had an early-ish night in an attempt to ward of late night munchies.

Woke with a really bad headache, so took some painkillers and forced myself to get up and get busy to take my mind off it. So far I've done the garden, fed the kids, done 4 loads of washing and cleaned the car (bucket and sponge- doubt I'll ever trust a car wash again after what I heard yesterday)

Keeping busy has certainly helped the headache and the hunger pangs, but I'm not doing too well on the water. Going to have to force some down now. Tend to forget when I'm busy.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

Lisa x


Mummy of 2!
Morning Girls! well its afternoon but i've only just up as it was my turn for a lie in:D

just had a hot banana shake and going to start on the water shortly!! feeling great today after last nights slip up i CAN do this!

we were supposed to be going out for a family roast but hubby said lets not go as he knew i'd struggle with just a shake while sitting watching everyone else eat.

i am definately out of ketosis thanks to all my slip ups so im hoping for another big first week style loss this week, that is going to keep me going this week!

good luck for 100% everyone!
Morning everyone else who's just got up ;)

lisalulu- you made me worn out just reading what you've done so far this morning :eek:

Amyeve - sounds like you have a gem of a husband there :)

Hope everyone is doing well today

Annie x


Stubborn tortoise
Hi again... Lisalulu, ditto to what Lazy says... 'done the garden'? I could be out there for a month and it wouldn't be done. Just done two hours and barely a dent on it - my fingers went numb with pulling out weeds and my fingers are all stung!!! Have cleared a small bit though & part of the veg patch. We are in the country so it's quite a big area & was neglected last year. Have also put a big pile together of nasty rubbish to take to the tip on Tues... rusty bits of metal, rotten wood, a dismantled & buckled greenhouse, etc etc. Relief to come in & get away from it!!! But an hour or two a day of cutting brambles and pulling up weeds could be as good as a trip to the gym... and more useful!

Lazy, your hounds are FAB!!! I bet they are lazy, my two are. The greyhound is golden brindle, a rescued retired racer who used to belong to my dad before he died, & who has lived with us for just over a year. She is very old and ricketty, hips have gone, on medication, but still happy & lovely. The lurcher is about 6 & acts like a loon, grey with raggedy hair & a toilet brush tail, mad as a fish. She's a rescue dog too. They are such lovely gentle dogs... I do love the saluki's long elegant ears tough, & have a soft spot for borzoi in my grander moments...!!!

Have had my lunchtime bar, choc flavour today, so just need to up the water and catch up with some indoor work now.


1st litre of water done - dear god that lasted for AAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEESSSS

Could have settled down and raised a small family the time that took to drink.

Going to refill it for the bus ride out to friends. Pack blender, 2 shakes in case I'm still there approx tea time and get ready to rumble!
Afternoon all.

Laying on the sofa, i feel so weak its only day 2! Someone tell me it gets easier! Yesterday was easy, so im expecting it to get harder.

Had 3 x 500ml bottles, just got another 3 to go. Wooo - fun?!

Good luck guysss x

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