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Sun's battle - WEIGH IN - WEEK 1!


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thats a fab pressie to yourself, just think how pleased you will be come that time , better start planning the party hun, just off to find my ballon pump n streamers xxxxx


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thanks hun, I see you're well on your way to losing the stone as well,
good luck xxxx


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hi jac,

yes I will be back on ss, although I cant believe I forgot, have my sisters hen do at Epsom Racecourse Ladies day week today 6th June,
Its a champagne picnic, Ive got 3 choices!

Put off start til next week (then I wont make my birthday loss)
SS, hae shake before I leave, have a bar at the racecourse
Do atkins until saturday so I'll still be ketosis

any advice, really welcome

sue xx


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yep, that was my choice dancing, by the way how u doing hun ssing

sue xx


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Hi Sue

Hope you have a fab day at the races.

If only we could wrap ourselves in a bubble and not go out for a few months it would be sooo much easier to SS.

I've been doing a mixture of SS SS+ 810 Aitkins and binging! But it aint working surprise surprise.

Its my birthday on Sat and I'm totally miserable about it. Dont know wether to celebrate with food/drink or give myself a present of sticking to the plan. If only I'd got my arse in gear earlier this year I could have gone away for a nice weekend with DH. Oh well.

Good luck with it and I hope you back a winner.

good luck 2 you all x


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hi ladies,

well Ive lost loads of pounds!, that is DOSH at the races lol!

Well the atkins getting me into ketosis for tomorrow morning didnt quite go to plan, I have drank a whole years worth since thursday and eaten for england, so the headaches are gonna be mammoth next week as I start SSing tomorrow, Monday morning, actually I'm quite looking foward to not have to think about food for the next 3? weeks, not having and making a choice is what I need. 2 challenges, I hope to be 7 to 10 lbs lighter by my birthday 21st June, and next goal will be my sisters wedding on 23rd August and to have shifted and started to maintain. I am looking forward to go outfit shopping for her big day!

Right until tomorrow monring, where I want to keep this as my diary.

sue x


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Good morning hunni!

Have you started? You can do that 7-10lbs target by your birthday no problem as long as you stick with it?

Are you fully ssing or are you doing 790? Im doing 790 and finding it much easier to be honest as I know I have that small meal to look forward to in the evening!

Good luck hun - Im sure you won't need it!!



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hi jools hun,

well I'd love to do 790, but what do you reckon I can lose in a week by adding some food?

I've had cappacino for brekkie, chicken & mush for lunch, I'll keep checking herre before dinner time to see whether I'll be able to lose 5 to 7lbs on 790

cheers jules

sue xxx


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well 3 litres down and at least 1 more, I'm missing food already! and wished I'd stayed on atkins :(


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yup!, I have, honestly matron!, worried about my nightduty though, dont know whether to take a sero bar with me just in case, but I really want to do this 100% ss.

Huhummm, is matron behaving as well!

s x


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morning jools hun,

I did, the night was awful, going to bed in a mo as I'm on tonight as well, will struggle with water today though as will be sleeping til mid afternoon, and I didnt take a sero bar either so I'm well chuffed, I just want to be on day 5 so I will know I will be in ketosis, good on you too hun

sue xxxxx


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well, so far so good apart from the water as I've only been awake an hour or so and only drank 1 litre, hopefully will make up more from now until tomorrow morning, dreaded nightduty again.

I have to have incredible willpower at work as the other staff raid homemade cakes, shortbread biscuits and sandwiches all night.

It may do me well to take a sero bar, or another pack with me just in case, but then I must just use them because they are in my bag! dilemma. I want to stay 100% for at least 2 weeks.

hows everybody else doing?

sue x

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