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Extra Easy Days Super free foods - question

Morning all, brain in thinking mode again so I have a question for you.
On EE you need to have a lot of super free foods on your plate with meals, but if you have something like a vegetable curry and rice or a meat casserole with loads of super free veg in it and mash for example, do you still need to have a platefull of super free veg etc on the plate as well, or does the fact that you have used them in the contents of the meal count towards them. I have been omitting them on meals like these and wonder if this is why I'm not makeing headway. Tonight I am having chili con carne made with mince but loads of peppers, onions, muchrooms and onions and rice and just wondered if I should perhaps put half a plate of salad with it, or not. What are your views on it please. xx
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If I have put them in the meal....like a casserole, stew etc, then they are counted. Dont think too hard into the plan Hun, otherwise you will be confusing yourself!
Yep, they count. I'ts only a third superfree you need to have hun so if I make a curry/chilli/casserole it always has a tin of tomatoes, pepper, onion, carrot etc so that's what I count!
Thats good to know actually! Thanks for raising that question!
Im proper worried about this EE thing, got a scary feeling that im doing it wrong, I dont particually like fruit and veg but I am trying to eat it in as many ways as i can!
EE just doesnt feel like im dieting at all lol.
metrognome, do you do EE? Do you have 1/3? So it wouldnt matter too much if I didnt get my 1/3 in as part of my main meal every day? I managed it yesterday but not Monday you see.
If I follow EE and don't have a third superfree then I don't lose, If I do then I do! That's just me though - we are all different, and it's quite true - the third superfree is just advice

Also, don't forget it's not just fruit and veg which are superfree - eggs also count, so you could have eggs, chips and beans and you have your third superfree! Same if you have jacket potato and cottage cheese or your cooked brekkie with eggs. It all counts towards your third superfree.


is getting better at it
yes i do ee and love it the book says for superfast results fill your plate with 1/3rd superfree foods but dont say you have to like the sucess express plan.
im not a great lover of fruit and veggies either, but it works different for different people when you add the superfree foods to your dinner you are automatically reducing the calories you are having with your meal thats why it helps
sometimes i add super free foods sometimes i dont :)
hope this makes some kind of sense
That does make sense, thanks :)
So I had chicken stir fry (1.2 a family sized packet between me and the OH) yesterday and Im having beef stir fry tonight (the other half of the packet) that should be alright?

Honestly, I feel like a right noob asking these *probably* silly questions!! Thanks for sticking with me lol.
Thanks guys, I think maybe I'm like you jaylou, if I don't have them I don't loose (haven't been having them, and haven't lost) so I'm gonna give it a go this week and make sure I have some extra on my plate instead of filling my plate with rice, pasta and potatoes, I know they are free but I do think I overindulge in these, and I think a bit more veg/salad wouldn't come a miss. So, as I am in a positive mode today (managed to get to 4.00pm yesturday before falling off waggon) It's a fresh start with attitude for me.

ps. Just picked a pear off my tree and ate it and it was a heavenly experience, so tasty and juicey, I had it about 10 mins ago and I can still taste it in my mouth, don't get that from shop bought ones. Gonna have another one later mmmmmmm deeelish. xxx


is getting better at it
yes that would be fine
it really does seem to good to be true dont it
my food for today is
mushroom omelette with baked beans

lunch is a ham sandwhich with grated cheese and pickle (1 syn)

dinner is roast pork with potatoes, peas carrots cabbage and gravy
and this is suposed to be a diet:D
See! How can that be dieting! Its truely amazing!

Today I have:
B: Apple and 200g of Asda Good for You Pineapple cottage cheese (2 sys)
S: 2 Alpen light bars (HEXB) and a mugshot (should I choose to eat it)
L: Batchlors savory rice, an apple and a toffee muller light.
D: beef stir fry

HEXA is in the form of milk for my cuppa teas.
All looking good to me!
I love the EE plan and it seems to work for me so far! I have my food diary up the top if you want some ideas too.

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