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Super Obese

"Super Obese" That's what the man said, he even checked it again on the chart. "Is there a prize?" I asked. "No" he said, slightly unsure if I was joking or not. I was trying to see what other categories were there, maybe "Fantastically Obese", or "Hereditary big boned with a touch of low will power", put me down for that one. Much better that being super at the obesity, which is just a nice way of saying SuperFat.

So there we were, two grown men wedged into possibly the smallest room in the world with a fold down chair and BMI chart. He ran through the programme again, as I attempted to look like I'd not heard this before..."two sachets a day....no flapjacks for the first few weeks", "No flapjacks full stop" I thought to myself, vile horrid bars of turf from the land of satan.

18stone 9lbs, I took a long look at that on the judgement scales, because I know that's the heaviest I'll ever be, and then it came back to me. Two years ago, I was in a similar surrounding, at some other basement pharmacy room in Dublin, having similar thoughts and going through the same nervous optimism.

Two years have passed and weight was lost, and subsequently put back on. I'm looking back now thinking why that didn't work, valid excuses, but excuses non the less.

My names ElectricSheep, and I'm dreaming of going 100% until September. Here we are, day uno, a new day...wish me luck :)
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:welcome2: Fantastic first post, looking forward to reading more.

You'll find lots of "super" support and encouragement here to get you through. Good luck with the journey to your new "super" life

Welcome, I find honesty the best way and you surly are honest, you know eat you need to do and hopefully you will learn from how you went wrong, if only we never had to eat again we would all conquor our demon... Food... One week at a tine will slowly build your confidence and promise yourself that basement is not for you. Time to see the sun and stay above ground z
Thanks guys, I've more or less read every thread here to get me through the first day. Lots of inspiration :)

So, Day 1 wasn't too bad, I didn't necessarily miss eating and didn't feel too hungry - a bit of belly rumbling but water sorted that out.

I'm a little anxious because I know that Day 3-4 are the make or break and if I can get through that, it will be OK

Making Vanilla mixed with coffee, and padding out the day with lots of water, peppermint tea and either an espresso or lungo coffee.

I'm off all this week, so have been filling time studying and gyming.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sure, isn't it great to be "super" at something!!! Seriously, great post and everyone can echo the sentiments expressed.
Lots of luck for the coming week and your first weigh in. Keep sipping the water, it will be your best friend, not just till goal but for life!!!
Good luck electricsheep (love your name!) the first few days are the hardest...if you can get through those you will be able to do the 100%, you just need to cope with the boredom sometimes but it will be nice not to be in the superobese category so that beats boredom! I think anyone who does get through the first few days has to have the willpower to stick at it :) good luck
Welcome to the site and good luck on your weightloss journey. Look forward to reading your posts and watching your progress

Lara x


Laugh in the face of food
Hiya, what a fantastic post, I'm looking forward to reading more and finding out how you get along. I too am doing this for the second time, I put 2 st 9lbs back on after the first time and could so easily have put it all back on and more. BUT I think I needed to learn from my mistakes, I know now that I can't just go back to my old ways I need to change. So I've put a lot into looking at how to maintain this time round. Good luck with it all!!
Day 2 - Done

Thanks for all the support, this forum and reading up on how everyone else is getting on is a real inspiration.

So day 2 was relatively OK, I'm mixing the vanilla shake with coffee and it's grand, can be a bit of a slug to get 3-4 litres of water in. I'd normally drink 2litres anyway, but doubling that is doubling toilet trips as well.

I'm relearning lots now, like I think it's better to have the second shake around 7 and leave myself with 1.5ltrs to drink. Last night I had the shake around 9ish, and then drank some more water. I ended up making 3 trips to the loo in quick succession. There's a certain numbness after peeing so often :)

Anyway, woke up this morning (day3) and I've got those familiar bumps of a coldsore, which is a bummer cause I'm going to have to sterilise anything I was drinking from (water bottles, shaker etc.)

I get them the odd time, usually when stressed or in extreme weather, but I've found a great supplement called Lysine which kills the length of a coldsore in half, checked tablet contents and it looks safe, I'm going to take them for a few days and see what happens.


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Hi Electricsheep, and welcome to the forum. Glad to see your doing ok with it. It does get easier after the first couple of days, you get into some kind of routine ;)
Day 3 - done

So day 3 over with, and I've been having doubts about the whole thing. Is this a healthy way of loosing weight? what will happen when I eventually come off it? what if I fail and I've messed up my ability to ever lose weight?

Feeling pretty **** today, the thought of another 130 days doesn't cheer me up either :(


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your doing too much thinking. don't think how many days you have to do, just concentrate on today. and pat yourself on the back when you have another day down :) as to a healthy way of losing weight. I read somewhere on this forum, that this diet when it was first came out could only be recommended by dr's, for people that were obese. it was prescription only. your other point, will the weight come back! that depends on you. if you go back to your old ways that got you here in the first place, then i would have to say yes. if you learn more about eating to refuel, as opposed to be constantly "grazing". then it should be gone for good. :( sorry for going on too long :)


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So day 3 over with, and I've been having doubts about the whole thing. Is this a healthy way of loosing weight? what will happen when I eventually come off it? what if I fail and I've messed up my ability to ever lose weight?

Feeling pretty **** today, the thought of another 130 days doesn't cheer me up either :(
hi es..welcome to the forum, im enjoying reading your diary so far.

listen day 3 can be a sod, ive done that same as you, question if im really doing the right thing etc but take no notice of the self doubt, just try to ignore those stupid negative voices in your head and think about how each day your gonna feel lighter and better about yourself..you can and will do it!

all diets are mind over matter..show those voices who is boss here!

thats what i am doing even if it is a bugger sometimes lol

h x
Oh, well done for deciding to join the programme again. At least you know it works and what to expect. I too wish to lose all my weight by September and have jsut started TFR. Perhaps we can hold each others hands in a cyberish, none stalkerish sort of way!!! (lol) Good luck! xXx
Thanks for the support, really helpful and has spurred me on.

Day 5 now and I guess it takes around 3 weeks to break or form any habit. So I know once the first few weighins happen, it will make things easier.
Hey there only just saw ur thread now and am delighted you have stuck with it and got through the first questioning phase. I defo think after the first weigh in it spurs ya on for the next week and once you have 2 weeks under ur belt it kinda just starts to feel 'normal' lol

I lost and re-gained too and am in week 6 from tomorrow of CD and am going grand. It defo gets easier so stick with it :D:D

Where abouts in Dublin ya from?? I'm on the sunny west side :rolleyes:

Gen x
On my 5th day today too, going through exactly the same as you.
So Day 5 I was acting like a loon, totally irrational and was talking myself out of it. I'm going to sit down today and work out some mini goals because right now it feels like standing at the bottom of a massive mountain.

@hez - you're right I'm thinking far too much about this :)

@Gen - I'm a blow in living in the city centre for now.

@MissDesperate - sharing your pain!
So mini goals: here goes, these are all off the top of my head

Fit into 36" waist (currently tight 38)
Fit into 'L' clothes (currently tight XL)
Get into 16 stones
Get into 15 stones

more to come later on


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well done on setting some goals to meet, that will keep you focused, and if you stick to it 100% you will fly through them. Hope you have another good day today! And roll on WI day, then you will be delighted when you see your results for all your hardwork. xx

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