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Super Speed Food Challenge Soup


Fighting the bulge
At my Group last night i was asked to participate in the superspeed food challenge as i wasnt happy with the speed my weight loss.

As the name suggests the idea is to have 5 more portions of S or SS than you would usually have in a day. We were given this soup recipe, which contains 12 S or SS foods to try as another group has had super losses on it so i thought i'd share it with you all :)

1 can mixed bean salad
1 can green lentils
2 can chopped tomatoes
1 can baked beans
handful of split lentils
2 large leeks
1 large onion
4 medium carrots
2 parsnips
1 green, red and yellow pepper
2 beef stock cubes
salt & Pepper
Mixed herbs
water (enough to cover all ingredients)

Chop and put all veg into a pan, add everything thing else and cover with water, bring to the boil and simmer until soft.

This can be left chunky or blended down - it also freezes.

Its free on green and EE. Im not sure about syns on red - sorry.

Apparantly this other group tried fitting this soup in over the week and they had some really good losses.

Ive not made it yet but am definately up for the super speed boost so will try it tonight and let you know how i get on :)
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Ohh i wouldnt mind giving it a go with my super slow losses lol, but only thing i dont like soup but maybe i should just try it.

Also do you have this as a main meal or inbetween meals???? im trying not to eat any more cos if i do then maybe put more on and ppl saying you not eating enough!!!!
I made this after someone suggested it to me, on here...the following week my C gave us it in group - I didn't realise it was the same one until I made it!
Tastes scrummy, even though it sounds rather odd. Only thing I didn't have was a tin of green lentils. I did mone in the slow cooker. I think it would make a delicious stew if left more chunky; probably yummy with chopped quorn sausages through it....mmmmm ♥


Fighting the bulge
I made it last night but added some tomato ketchup as was a bit too sweet for me!

I had a bowl for breakfast as i dont like breakfast anyway so its somewhere to fit it in :) I think i'll have it as a main meal on some nights and a 'just got home from work' snack on others but i dont think it really matters jacqui - just have it when you fancy it! It is quite filling though :) I might try it blended tonight! Theres enough there to feed an army!! lol

mojomcl - did you have a good loss after trying this?

Ive gone a bit mental on fruit and veg so far this week lol i really want a good booster loss :)



Keep on Truckin'
I made this a couple of weeks ago and it's lovely when it's blended! I didn't include the parsnips though because I was sick of chopping by the time I got to them! There is still some in the freezer, it made heaps and I didn't blend it all in one go as we only have a hand blender, so I froze it in individual lumpy portions and then defrost and blitz it just before use.
mojomcl - did you have a good loss after trying this?

I seem to be 'a week behind', IYKWIM, so I STS last week - but THIS week, I've lost 3.5lbs! I still think the scales may have been iffy tonight...;-)
IYKWIM - lazy way of saying 'if you know what I mean', IYKWIM?! lol

Over the last year I only lost a TOTAL of 3lbs ( and then gained a fair few over Xmas), so although I had lost almost 3 stone in total, I was back to being just over 2 lost...so I'm really hoping this'll be the start of it again for me...
You'll do fine hun.

I've never stopped SWing, been doing it from home for a couple of years. Only just joined a group last month though, to try and figure out why my losses had pretty much stopped. IO'm still none the wiser, but the group is good fun! lol

Good luck for WI x
I have now made this and thought it would be really expensive to buy all the ingredients, so i went to my local Lidls. It worked out as just over £5 for everything but it makes the biggest batch of soup ever. Now all i got to do is fill up on it daily and wait to see the results....


Fighting the bulge
och its rubbish that the only thing that i like in that soup is parsnips and peppers, wish i could eat more of that, which would maybe help me :(. xx
Strangely enough i am the same, i dont like lentils and beans a peas and things as i don like the texture! It took me 5 days of eating 2 bowls to finish it!!! Im weighin in tonight so hopefully it will have made an impact!!



Fighting the bulge
I will let you all know tomo how i get in at WI tonight! Although i have to say even if i dont lose 2 much (due to cosmos at the weekend i found out are 11 syns each :eek:) I feel fantastic!!

I'll be really interested to hear from you all if it has made a difference to your loss so please let me know :p


I am definetly going to do this! It's my WI tomorrow, so I will start it from Thursday, going to have it for lunch every day i think!

Shall let you all know how I get on!
just to add, I also don't like many of the ingredients, but the end result is actually quite tasty!
If you really aren't convinced, definitly half the amounts, as it does make a HUGE amount that I struggled to eat over three days, even though I DID like it! lol

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