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Superduper Willpower!!!

i'm making a cake for someone's birthday and she has requested one of my chocolate specials, which is basically a massive sponge cake with a filling made of butter icing with double cream mixed in and then covered in loads of melted Cadbury's chocolate and decorated with large chocolate buttons and small white chocolate buttons!!

I've just broken up a 400g bar of chocolate to melt and I have NOT pinched a square out of it like I would usually (to test it of course).

So I'm very proud of myself so far but i've yet to open up the bags of buttons.
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Ooooh buttons, don't you think the chocolate tastes soooo much nicer in buttons? Save two, one for each cheek that you can have guilt free if you dont sneak a cheeky lick of any other the cake or filling.

EDIT: Ah low GI not xenical, perhaps not then!
i'm afraid I used all mine up yesterday and today i've been terrible!!!

It's amazing how much willpower I have when i'm taking the scary pills, but now I'm having a Christmas break I've gone a bit crazy!!
You know, its Christmas...dump the guilt. If you're finding it difficult then why not enjoy it instead in return for jumping straight back on it once the festivities are over. its a week which, in the big picture, is naff all.

I hate guilt, it can lead to far worse and its negative, Christmas should be a positive time.

Have fun and in 10 days the New Year New You can start again guilt free and positive!

Happy Christmas (feel like the Queen with her speech lol)
Very true and well said, unfortunately I do guilt very well and after years of believing all the bad anyone ever said to me and constantly putting myself down I do tend to focus on the negatives. Besides it's not really the done thing on a dieting forum to shout "sod it, i'm pigging out!" lol

In all honesty I do know what i'm doing and as of the 27th I'm back on it with the pills and all, I just feel like I'm letting everyone down who is working so hard to stick to it and I did so well in my first week that I'll be gutted if it all goes back on.
Oooh I wouldnt say sod it and pig out :eek:, I'm saying dump the guilt if you do happen to slip because its counter productive. If you're in the middle of eating it enjoy it because you're getting straight back on the straight and narrow after. And you're not letting anyone down as far as I'm concerned, its a lifestyle change and Christmas is meant to be enjoyed, you're learning how to do it, moderation, etc

I know all about being put down and its hard to shake off...even 10 years later but thats a whole new thread! You are going to be slim and gorgeous in 2011 and hopefully some of those old ghosts will be well and truly banished.
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