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Superfree Snacks


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My weight loss has slowed recently so I have decided to try having only superfree snacks. I do mainly red and green days with one extra easy day a week.

However, there are times when crudites and apples or bananas just don't hit the spot!

Does anyone has inspirational ideas with superfree snacks???
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Brightonrosie just beat me to it, I was going to point out the same!! You could have snacks combining free and superfree foods, such as a pepper stuffed with couscous, or a small omlette with some veg in it! Nothing wrong with snacking IF you're hungry! If you're getting hungry often between meals, try eating more during mealtimes- make sure your portions are big enough to satisfy you!!X


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Try some cold squash (sweetmumma or butternut) chips, theyre really sweet and sometimes take the edge off it. Or you could try freezing some fruit like strawberries or grapes, just so its abit different lol


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Roasted carrot makes a really good snack. You cut them into small sticks and you can pick at them. It's almost (!) as good as snacking on a big bowl of crisps. ;)
o_O going to definately try this, eat alot of raw carrot sticks so a nice way to mix it up a bit.


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Mangetout also known as the snow-pea, sugar snap pea and Chinese pea, mangetout can be eaten raw, my mum really likes them but i have to cook them :)

They are a speedy food. Appart from that fruit and veg are the only super free so unless you incorporate them in a meal to make a snack (ie mini quiches) there arent any others


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I love snacking on cold roasted veggies. When I roast vegetables I always have leftovers which I save for lunches and/or snacks. My fave roasted veggies are butternut squash, swede, peppers, courgettes, fennel, carrots etc.

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