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Superspeed Soup!

I made the superspeed soup yesterday and it was lovely so going to have it everyday till weigh in to see if it makes a difference to my weightloss as i lose very slowly because i never seem to fit in exercise xx
wow @ eating it everyday , i think id be sick of it by end of the week lol. please do let us know if it works.

I had it a few weeks ago but only twice and plus i had some bad days tht week so cant really tell if it works haha
It would depend on exactly what you put in it, and how many portions it made. It shouldn't be too hard to work out the Syns though, just check the red syn value for everything that you put in that isn't free on Red (beans/lentils/parsnips etc), add it all up, and divide it by the number of portions.

But to be honest, I would just do a green day if you really want the super-speed soup!
hey nadiya i had a very bad last week so even if i get sick of it i wil have to try it because i want to and drop 3lbs x
I should probably be doing the same with my two sts weeks eek !!

really hope u get the result u want :d im sure u will :D
yeah thats a good idea plus you can also look back on it and see what has made your week a success or failure x i did the same for my fishy week and realised i had been eating too much oily fish and less superfree!!

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