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Support From Friends/Family?


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Just wondering really, do you get any support from friends or family when you are dieting? I don't, which is what brought me to minimins.
One friend always rolled her eyes when I said I was trying to lose weight, and every time I saw her at her house, she would have a plate of cakes and biscuits on the table, which were never there when I wasn't trying to lose weight:mad:
She used to say 'oh, I wish I was your size, I would be so happy to be your size, I don't know what you've got to complain about' which would then make feel guilty as she is bigger than me, so I would eat some of her cakes and biscuits with her.
It go to the point where she would be constantly having a go at me because I wasn't the same size as her,/ she wants to be my size/ I should stop 'all this silly dieting/ etc etc and now I don't see her anymore.
Most of my friends, no actually, make that all of my friends have seemed to want to sabotage my dieting, and I just don't know why? Thing is, a few of them have dieted in the past and I have given them support, but they can't support me?:confused:
I don't tell them anymore, although they do notice that I have lost weight.
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Sorry to here you dont get support from your friends Coco.

I'm lucky that my friends and family are very supportive. Although one friend at the start was very negative about the diet, saying i was starving myself doing VLCD, yet she had done cambridge and Slimfast years ago herself. I hate to say it about my close friend, but i think she might be jealous that i am doing something about my weight and she just cant seem to get motivated.

I have tried to encourage her to join me on W8 as she is over 20 stone and I worry about her health and as a single mum she needs to be thinking of her daughter too. She does congratulate me on my loss so far and hoping when i have lost a bit more (3 and half stone to go), she'll see how good the diet is and try it fo herself.....i truely hope so.

Rememeber you are doing this for you and we are all here as your new found friends to support you every step of the way. x:grouphugg:
Oh dear. I don't think your friend is a bad person, but obviously her own low self esteem is making her want to sabotage your diet. I think the only way to go about it is to not tell them OR just have amazing will power and don't let her guilt trips get to you! You could always try and diet together and that way she wouldn't feel left out and you could spur each other on- equally you don't want to suggest to someone that they go on a diet!

When it comes to some things you just have to be selfish and this is one of them. If your friends don't want you to feel good about yourself then are they truly friends at all?

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